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5 excellent reasons to choose Croatia for your holiday

Why do so many people choose to spend their holidays in Croatia? Fantastic food, security while on holiday and a lot of content for an active holiday are just some of the reasons why you should think about it, too.
We’re bringing you 5 reasons why you should spend summer in Croatia.

1. Rich gastronomy and magnificent wine

Croatian food and wine is, if we had to describe it in one word - fantastic. From traditional Mediterranean cooking on the coastal part of the country to continental specialties in the north and in the east, the food is unbelievably tasty.

And with every good meal in every part of the country you’ll be able to drink excellent Croatian wine. In addition to that, Croatian olive oil is among the best in the world.

 2. Fairytale islands

They call Croatia ‘’the country with 1000 islands’’, and he who spends a summer on an island once finds it hard to ever return to the mainland. Croatian islands are very attractive to tourists because of their natural beauty and rich historic and cultural heritage.

If you decide to holiday on one of the Adriatic islands, our warm recommendation is Brač: it has its own airport, it’s close to Split and is connected to it by numerous ferries, and the world famous Zlatni rat (Golden horn) beach is there.

3. Unbeatable possibilities for an active holiday

There are more and more of those who spend their summer holiday doing various activities in addition to being on the beach. One of the most popular is cycling. You’ll find a large number of arranged bike baths in Croatia - some of the most attractive are located on the Makarska riviera and along the slopes of Biokovo. Check out the Bluesun Active Bike programme

For diving lovers, introductory courses are organised in Bol on Brač, the place in which Zlatni rat beach is located, while those who are more advanced divers have the diving club there with which they can explore the unimaginably beautiful Adriatic underwater. Bol is a particular favourite of those who love tennis. Namely, Bol has 26 clay courts and a large tennis stadium at which the WTA Bol Croatia Open tournament is held.

If you’re interested in mountain activities ranging from easy paths for hiking to mountaineering and steep alpine ascents, your ideal location is Starigrad-Paklenica - it’s by the sea and also just 2 km from the magical Paklenica national park at the same time. It's also the climbing center of Croatia with more than 600 climbing routes.

4. Security is the most important thing

Croatia is one of the safest countries in the world, for the local population and for tourists. You can walk around during the night without any fear or withdraw money from ATMs without having to look over your shoulder.

5. The clean Adriatic sea and amazing beaches

The sea in Croatia is exceptionally clean, and the beaches are beautiful. The sea is turquoise in some places, and green coloured in others, in some other places it’s bluish, but it’s stunning everywhere. Experts say that the Croatian sea is among the cleanest in Europe, and they claim that its karst geography and the very small amount of rain during summer as the reason.

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