Taking care of yourself is brutally hard to do these days; we’re always rushing somewhere and worrying about something. Did you know that physiotherapy can help in relieving pain, improving blood circulation, helping fluid drain more efficiently from body parts and improving the movement of various body parts? This affects several of the body’s systems: bones, joints, soft tissues, heart, and blood circulation and increases the value of overall health and well-being.

Both professionally licensed physiotherapists from Vinkovce, Dinko and Hrvoje help our guests daily:

“By arriving at the hotel, guests strictly request for a physiotherapist. Many people who walk into the Thalasso Wellness and Spa mainly have problems due to today’s busy and chaotic lifestyle, sitting too much at your desk or in your car and moving too little. In this case, I recommend a medical massage every day to every other day based on the guest’s opportunities and time of stay at the hotel, with an addition to further diagnostic after returning back home if needed. In some situations, I like to introduce guests to exercises, whether it’s connected to circulation or stretching which they can continue to do every day by themselves and improve their condition”,
said Dinko.

Why is it more beneficial to get massaged by a physiotherapist?

“Physiotherapists have much more knowledge about the anatomy of the human body and thus have a better sense of feeling for performance and proper treatment of the muscles and joints in a massage. We don’t have any special machines, however we like to recommend treatments to guests and give them advice that will help them later on. We mostly recommend the medical massage for someone with a particular problem or the lymphatic drainage treatment for vein problemsor back muscle pains. While stress can be diminished with the medical or relax massage”, said Hrvoje.

Both of our wellness physiotherapists love their job and hold a strong passion for helping anyone who comes between their hands. With their useful advice, magical hands and love for what they do, we hope that you too will enjoy improving your move!

More about Dinko and Hrvoje:

Dinko Pavličić

Prior to working at Elaphusa, Dinko gained most of his experience and knowledge in physiotherapy at professional tennis tournaments, which lead him to working for the professional Croatian Women’s Volleyball Team – this was an exceptional experience for Dinko and something that he is very proud of. Dinko has been an employee of Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa for 6 years now, the reason why he loves his job is that he loves to meet new people. He says it’s never monotonous and it gives him a chance for further training and advancement in his career. Dinko enjoys new challenges that his job offers him, for instance at Thalasso wellness’s reception desk, he learned several foreign languages and the importance of organizational skills.

Hrvoje Celić

Hrvoje has been an employee at Bluesun hotel Elaphusa since 2011, prior to working at the Thalassso Wellness, he interned at OB Vukovar, as a physiotherapist and later on he continued to work during the summer at various seasonal jobs. Hrvoje cares for his guests and says he trys to help them as much as he can, whether it’s through a massage, talk or giving advice. He hopes to continue helping guests at Elaphusa and advance in his career with additional courses and training.

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