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What are the average prices in Croatia? Beer, ice cream, pizza...

How much money should you make sure you’ve got to ensure a stress free holiday in Croatia, more specifically on the Adriatic coast during the summer months? Here are the prices of food and drinks.
We’re going to try to give you a general overview relating to the average costs in tourist destinations in Croatia. Of course, if you’re going to visit some of the most attractive destinations or you’re sitting in a restaurant with an offer or service above the average, feel free to add a few euros to our estimate.


Domestic beer is the cheapest in Croatia, Ožujsko, Karlovačko and Pan are the most well-known brands. The usual price for half a litre of domestic beer is between 15 and 20 kuna in a bar, which equals to between 2 and 3 euros.

Ožujsko is produced by the Zagreb brewery and is present across the whole of Croatia

When it comes to cheaper imported (foreign) beer in the same amount, you’re likely to have to set aside about 20 kuna (about 3 euros) more. Over the last few years, the craft beer scene has been blossoming in Croatia, and they typically cost around the same amount as imported beer.

Karlovacko is particularly loved in Dalmatia as a partner of the Hajduk (Split) football club

In stores, the most well-known domestic beer is sold for around 10 kuna per half-litre can.

Ice cream

The price of a scoop of ice cream is a fairly relative thing as a scoop of ice cream doesn’t come in the same volume everywhere. Owing to that, in one place you could get double the amount, or less, than somewhere else for the same price.

Ledo ice cream is one of the strongest brands in Croatia, and its high quality is well-known to many export markets

The typical price for a scoop of ice cream in tourist destinations is 10 kuna (1.4 euros). Another option is to buy some ice cream from a shop, which is already packaged - that will cost you a more satisfying amount of between 7 kuna (1 euro) for the cheapest, to 15 kuna (2 euros) for the more expensive ice cream.


When someone mentions Croatia, pizza might not be the first association you arrive to, but Croats really love that crest of Italian cooking, and the pizza in many places across Croatia is absolutely sensational.

Did you know just how much Croats love pizza? Try it out and see for yourself how they prepare it so excellently

In smaller tourist destinations along the Adriatic, the price of pizza is usually between 40 and 50 kuna. That’s how much it costs in many decent pizzerias in Zagreb, too.

Prices increase with the popularity of the location in which you’re holidaying among tourists. Count on a pizza costing from between 50 and 70 kuna (7-9 euros), pizzas more expensive than that are typically found in the most popular tourist destinations, or in more expensive restaurants


As far as prices in classic restaurants on the Adriatic are concerned, count on a decent main meal with a side dish costing about 110 kuna (15 euros). It can be cheaper, but it isn’t the high quality worthy of a recommendation.

Restaurants in Dalmatia combine a beautiful Mediterranean ambience with excellent recipes which will be a pleasure to taste

The best restaurants come with a higher cost than average ones, but keep in mind that tourists in Croatia are always praising the food, and owing to that, these restaurants are certainly worth trying out.

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