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Biokovo Nature Park

Take a panoramic tour in air-conditioned mini buses and easily discover the beauty and diversity of Biokovo's park of nature that has the highest peak of Sv. Jura (1762 m). At first, seeminlgy poor and bare, Mt. Biokovo is truly rich in plant and animal species.

Being able to gaze into the view of coastal towns and islands, cultivated fields and olive terraces with poor soil are just some of the motifs for taking photographs.This easy walk with professional guidance in various foreign languages is adapted to visitors of all ages. On this half-day excursion you will see a new world of luxurious Mediterranean beauty, rich history and live traditions.

Included in price: ride with mini bus from hotel, professional guidance, entrance, coffee, cake and homemade rakija

Reservations and ticket sales available at the reception of Bluesun hotels.

Did you know?

• Throughout history, Mt. Biokovo protected inhabitants of Makarska from sea raids.