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Hotels Bol - Brač - Croatia

Brač, Bol - The sun, the shade of century-old pines, Zlatni rat Beach and the magical spirit of Dalmatian 'kala' (narrow cobblestone alleys) intertwining with the bustle of trendy summer resorts and surfer havens – that is the story of Bol. This picturesque small town was once the home of wine-growers, fishermen and sailors, and it remains the only coastal settlement on the southern side of the island of Brač.

Visitors are attracted to Bol's white beaches, particularly Zlatni rat Beach, because of their vastness and beauty.

Zlatni rat Beach stretches almost vertically into the sea, changing its shape and location depending on the winds, as if it were made of liquid gold. Its elegance and allure have made it the symbol of both the island and coastal Croatia, being put on the front pages of prestigious global newspapers.

Notable sights to visit in town are the places of religious worship and Bol's urban buildings.

At Glavica, the small peninsula to the east of the city, there is a place of worship that has existed for over one thousand years. There is also a Dominican monastery that was built in 1475 and in its Lady of Mercy Church, there are valuable works of art from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Bol's urban structure consists of the Gothic villa by the pier, St Anthony's Church, a Renaissance-Baroque palace, a Baroque parish church and Kaštil, the former fortification structure.

The Branko Dešković Gallery, located in the Renaissance-Baroque palace in Bol, is famous for its significant works of modern Croatian art.

Bol is the only settlement on the southern side of the island and it is abounds with white beaches.

We recommend visiting the following sights in Bol:

Branislav Dešković Gallery

Founded in 1963, the Gallery is located in a beautiful Renaissance-Baroque palace. The collection includes more than 400 works related to the coastal region by some fifty authors, such as Ignjat Job, who painted landscapes and compositions, heavily influenced by the countryside and people of Brač, the heat of the sun, the blue of the sea and the green of the olive trees...

Museum of the Dominican Monastery

Founded in the 1860s, this Museum contains treasures collected over many centuries, such as numerous documents, church books, works of art, liturgical accessories, archival documents (letters, deeds of donations, notary contracts, papal decrees concerning the Bol Monastery) and manuscripts of writers from Brač. Of particular interest are the valuable paintings of the Madonna with the Child and Saints, the work of one of the greatest Italian painters of the Renaissance - Jacopo Tintoretto from Venice.

Pebble beach and Zlatni rat Cape

Zlatni rat is the most frequent motif on Croatian postcards. It is the country's largest and most famous beach shaped in the form of a swan's neck that stretches 500 metres vertically into the sea. This famous beach is as supple as liquid gold, constantly changing its shape, leaning as winds and sea currents push it to one or the other side. It has become a trademark of Bol and Croatia due to its exceptional beauty and specific form.