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The Church of Our Lady of Carmel, a valuable monument of Baroque architecture with stylistic explicitness, is in harmony with its surroundings. It was built in 1715 out of gratitude for the victory over the Turks, and is often referred to as the Church of Our Lady of Victory.

The Church of St Nicholas, 527 m, from the period before the Turkish invasion, is a valuable medieval monument. For centuries now, it has remained a parish church with a cemetery.

The Church of Our Lady of Health, 18th century, with rustic forms of the Dalmatian Baroque, characteristic for the inland of Dalmatia and in harmony with its surroundings.

The Church of St Elijah, 18th century – a simple church with characteristics of rural architecture.Stećak (medieval tombstones), on the southern side of the Church of St Stephen (14th – 15th century) is of particular cultural significance.

The Filipović Housing Complex represents the dwellings of the first inhabitants in old Soline – it is significant as a unit of rural architecture and carries monumental and environmental significance.

Bekavci in the Kričak housing complex, with anthological architectural characteristics. A valuable example of plebeian architecture.

The Church of St Stephen (1897), a modern church of significant cultural value. St Stephen is also the patron saint of Brela.On the mountain of Biokovo, above Brela, there are the ruins of Herceg Tower (a defence tower during the war against the Turks).

The Rock of Brela

The trademark symbol of this pearl of the Adriatic creates a picture that will definitely remain in every visitor's memory. There are many legends about how the rock came to be in the sea, but, in any case, it is a unique phenomenon.
Punta Rata Beach - the most beautiful in the series of Brela beaches – attracts bathers with its crystal clear water and thick shade of century-old pine trees.