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Camping and mobile homes in Croatia: 5 reasons to say ‘’yes’’

Croatia is an exceptional destination for lovers of holidays in camps. Beautiful locations, modern camps in nature the fact that they’re excellently equipped are just some of the 5 reasons why a holiday in a camp in Croatia will delight you.
1. Accommodation in top locations

Croatian camps mainly lie in beautiful natural locations near beaches. The crystal clear sea, arranged beaches, groves along the sea you can enter and seek out some shade…

‘’Push’’ your way to the first row to the sea and a morning coffee next to the beach will be the most beautiful start to the day you can imagine.

A clean sea, a lot of sunshine, excellent accommodation - could it be better? Pictured is the beach of Bluesun camp Paklenica in Starigrad

2. There’s everything you need

The best camps offer their guests everything they could need during their holiday. What for example, does one of the best Croatian camps, Camp Paklenica, offer to its guests?

Camp Paklenica, mobile homes at the first row to the sea

We’ll count just a few of the advantages: Wi-Fi signal which covers the entire camp, a swimming pool, a restaurant and 2 shops with food are in the camp, and guests with their own motorhomes will be delighted with the newly done toilets and the connections to electricity and water on every plot.

3. Mobile homes are a new hit

Many camps in Croatia today offer accommodation in mobile homes. They’re usually situated just a couple of steps from the sea and are attractively decorated.

Attractive mobile homes of Camp Paklenica are modernly decorated and submerged in Mediterranean greenery

You’ll find everything you need for a comfortable holiday in the mobile homes. Our recommendation is to spend your holiday in mobile homes with 4 stars in Camp Paklenica in Starigrad.
Reserve Bluesun Kamp Paklenica:

4. Sunshine, sunshine, and a little more - sunshine

The Croatian coast is known for its large number of sunny days. In the majority of places in Dalmatia, you’ll be able to enjoy 2600-2700 hours of sunshine per year. The most is during July and August, and there’s a lot of sun from April all the way to October.

5. You’re close to popular excursion sites

You’ll be able to go on attractive excursions which are in the vicinity from the majority of camps. It’s worth remembering just one rarity - in a compass of 100 kilometres of the aforementioned Camp Paklenica lie half of all of the Croatian national parks, as many as 4 of them.

Plitvice Lakes is the most popular Croatian national park, you have to visit it at least once in your life

Do you want to camp in Croatia and enjoy the attractive locations, clean sea and plenty of sunshine? Send us the number of people and your desired dates of arrival by calling +385 1 3844 288 or send us an email to We’ll get back to you with a special offer as soon as possible.