Have you ever been lounging around on a beach while a Middle Age tower towers over you? We know you haven’t. This is only possible to experience in Starigrad Paklenica.

If you’re in the vicinity of Starigrad Paklenica and you coincidentally start a conversation with an older local resident, you could hear the local legend about the terrible King Pasoglav. Once, this infamous ruler allegedly lived in Večka kula.

After the legend, come the facts - Večka tower was constructed more than five hundred years ago in a strategic position on the edge of a field of the same name, in defence against the Turks. As well as for the Venetians to carefully observe the sea traffic in the channel under the Velebit mountains.

Večka tower is located at Kulina beach. It’s a pebbled beach and truly is an international rarity. Where else can you swim next to a 16th century tower? Today, the tower acts as a reminder of the tumultuous history of this region and is one of the unobtrusive jewels of northern Dalmatia. Kulina beach is located south of Paklenica Camp. You can get there by car or walking, which takes 20 minutes or so, and our warm recommendation is that you choose to go there by bicycle. The beach is adapted to children, too.

At the top of the Večka tower, as if still monitoring the sea passage today, a beautiful tree has grown. Spread your beach towel out, lie down and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

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