Rich history, Mediterranean towns and amazing nature are some of the reasons why Croatia will find its place on many bucket lists this year. We know you're eager to come so let's make you even more impatient. Here's 10 of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

1. Zlatni Rat, Bol, Brač Island

The most famous Croatian beach. Zlatni Rat is located in Bol on Brač, and is a world phenomenon due to its unusual shape, which is best seen from the air. It is woven of fine, white pebbles, and the sea is fantastically clean, turquoise in color. It has the shape of a "peninsula" or horn, on the edge of which is a beach, and in the interior a pine forest. In the shade of the forest there are restaurants where you can take a break from swimming and sunbathing.

2. Punta Rata, Brela

The enchanting beach on the Makarska Riviera was not without reason declared one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe in the prestigious Forbes magazine. The beach is pebbly, the sea is crystal clear, and in the background you will find the shade of pine trees. It is ideal for families. On the west side of the beach is one of the symbols of Croatian tourism, Brela Rock.

3. Podrače, Brela

Perhaps the most beautiful small beach in Europe, Podrače "leans" on the Punta Rata, and is located in a cove surrounded by a picturesque rock. The color of the sea during sunny mornings is so emerald green that it’s surreal.

4. Tučepi Beach, Tučepi

The longest beach on the Makarska Riviera. One of the reasons why it is included in our list is the spectacular view that you can experience in a few places in the world - from the beach you will look at the Biokovo Mountain, at the foot of which Tučepi is located. It connects several smaller beaches in its four kilometers, and is rich in all the facilities that a family could wish for - from sports to children's.

5. Potočine, Bol, Brač Island

Another beach that we love, not only for its beauty, but also because it is located right next to the deep shade of pine trees. This will be especially appreciated by families with young children. Pines on one side, turquoise sea on the other. It doesn’t get any better, does it?

6. Murvica

The small locality next to Bol is often the choice of Bol locals when they go swimming, and with good reason. Unlike the neighbouring Zlatni rat, this is a smaller beach, however this too has its charms. The southern slopes of Vidova gora, with what just may be the steepest vineyards in Croatia, provide an impressive backdrop.

7. Nugal, Tučepi

An idyllic beach enjoyed by lovers of nature, peace and quiet. Surrounded by cliffs and woods, this secluded beach with pebbles is a favorite among naturists because it provides them with privacy. But everyone else who wants to swim and soak up the sun surrounded by intact nature can enjoy this beach as well. In European Best Destinations Readers’ Choice, Nugal was declared the third most beautiful beach of the Old Continent.

8. Kulina, Starigrad-Paklenica

Have you ever experienced that, while lying around on the beach, there was a medieval tower watching over you? This is something you can enjoy only in Starigrad-Paklenica. This pebble beach is truly a rare sight in the world because the 16th century Večka Kula is located right next to it. Today, it is a reminder of the turbulent history of this region and one of the mysterious gems of northern Dalmatia.

9. Palmižana, Paklinski Islands

In the picturesque bay on the Paklinski Islands close to the island of Hvar, there’s a beach which absolutely deserves to be on our list. It’s surrounded by thick pine forests, it's perfect for families, who will enjoy the peace and nature. You get there by boat from Hvar, and you can arrange an excursion from the nearby island of Brač.

10. Plava laguna (Blue lagoon)

It's famous for its astonishing color and shallow sandy seabed. It's also known by its local name, which can be a real tongue-twister - Krknjaši. Located on Drvenik Veli island, the best way to get there is by having a boat trip from Bol on Brač island.

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