Dubrovnik, town where the history is alive and well, is the place to visit when in Croatia. What should you see when taking a trip here?

The walls

Dubrovnik’s walls are the most recognised vista of the city under Mount Srđ. They were constructed between the 8th and the 17th centuries and encompass the old part of the city. Numerous towers can be found on them - Minčeta, Bokar, Saint John. In certain places they’re more than 20 metres tall, and, so that the old Dubrovnik residents could be successfully defended from their enemies, the walls are between three and six metres thick.


Part of the old defence system of the city, Lovrijenac fortress was constructed during the 11th century on a forty metre high cliff above the sea and in one of the most impressive locations in Dubrovnik. A beautiful view can be enjoyed from there over the city and the sea. Lovers of the Game of Thrones series will recognise it as many well known scenes have been filmed from there.

Sponza Palace

Constructed in gothic-renaissance style, this former trade centre of the city is now home to one of the richest European historical archives. The traditional Dubrovnik Summer Festival is held in front of it.

The Rector’s Palace

You’ll first see the impressive arches of the palace in which the former rector’s seat was located. Today, its atrium is the most acoustic building in the city and concerts are often held there, there’s also a museum which is a must visit place. Given the fact that a prison was also once located here, visitors can browse its dark dungeons.

The Franciscan monastery

Here lies one of the most beautiful architectural creations in Dalmatia - the cloister of the monastery with 120 columns which surround the oldest Dubrovnik garden. Within the monastery lies one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe, from the 14th century. There’s also a rich library with priceless material, like a museum.


This little island within easy reach of Dubrovnik can be reached by a short journey on the sea. In addition to its untouched nature, there’s also a monastery and a fortress, the view from which is worth every step up the hill.

Srđ hill

You can walk up the mountain which towers above Dubrovnik, or go by road, or, as we’d warmly recommend, by cable car. It is 415 metres above sea level and offers a view of the city from a bird’s perspective.

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