Are you planning an excursion to Split? What you’re arriving to and what you need to see in one day in one of the most beautiful Croatian cities, you’ll find in the rest of this text.

Diocletian’s Palace

This is a palace in Split which is difficult to avoid. This isn’t your classic palace, which is one building, but an entire complex located inside the historical centre of Split. It is more than 1700 years old and is one of the best preserved Roman monuments in the world. When it was built, it’s unlikely that even Diocletian himself could have imagined that 17 centuries later, his summer villa would be so full of life.

The Cathedral of Saint Dominius and the Peristyle

Inside the walls of Diocletian’s palace lies Split’s cathedral which was first built as Diocletian’s mausoleum. It’s around the same age as the palace, and its treasury is rich with art and antiques which every history lover will enjoy. You can climb up its 57 metre tall belfry, from which there is a beautiful view. The cathedral is located on Peristyle square which is a real attraction in itself. Old buildings surround it, and the square is also popular as a theatre scene.


With its real name being Republic Square, it’s surrounded on three sides with Neo-Renaissance buildings, the arches and red colour of which give it an impressive appearance. It will remind you of Italian architecture. Prokurative is the cultural centre of the city in the open, and many interesting events take place there during summer. Have a coffee or eat something good on this square to relax before continuing on.


You simply can’t leave Split without walking along its famous waterfront. This has been the centre of many events in both recent and ancient Croatian history, and this walkway along the sea is probably the most recognisable symbol of Split. You can drink coffee with friends here and gather the energy for new victories in life. Or for swimming.


People usually refer to it as the green lungs of Split. The mountain above the city is a favourite and celebrated excursion site for all those who want some respite from the city crowds. From this park, the forests offer beautiful views as you ascend a little uphill. If you’re a lover of cycling, you can visit it that way, too. The path to it begins from Split’s waterfront. Yet another green oasis is located nearby which we recommend you visit - Sustipan.

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