If you’ve decided to spend your summer holiday in Starigrad Paklenica, you need to know that you’re in a perfect location for visiting Croatian sights. In a compass of 100 kilometres lie as many as 4 national parks. We chose the top 8 destinations for excursions from Starigrad Paklenica.

Paklenica national park

A real jewel for lovers of nature, hiking and climbing. The massive cliffs of the Velebit mountains rise above you from the very entrance to the canyon of Velika Paklenica, from where hiking trails go through this natural phenomenon. One of them leads to the fascinating Manita peć cave.

Otherwise, the entrance of one of eight Croatian national parks can be found a mere two kilometres from Camping Paklenica, and the turn towards the park is just one hundred or so metres from the entrance to the Camp.

Zadar - where the sea plays an organ

The largest city in northern Dalmatia is about a fifty kilometre drive from Starigrad Paklenica. Every tourist who comes to Zadar absolutely must see two unique sights - the Greeting to the Sun and the Sea Organ.

Zadar is known as a historical city where monumental churches stand out in particular - the Middle Age Cathedral of St. Anastasia and the Church of St. Donat, recognisable by its interesting cylinder shape.

The best base for an excursion to Zadar is Camping Paklenica - stay in attractive little mobile houses just a couple of metres from the sea..

Photo safari on the Velebit mountain

There have been many legends about the largest Croatian mountain. This is a mountain that local people love and respect, it’s full of natural beauty and magical views. You can arrange a photo safari of Velebit at Camping Paklenica’s reception. Prepare the batteries for your cameras and phones, and begin your adventure.

The green Zrmanja river

The canyon of the Zrmanja river is certainly one of the most beautiful in this part of Europe. This green pearl of Dalmatia is rich with waterfalls, and a traveller can try out a more peaceful ride in a kayak or even adrenaline rafting, if there’s enough water. You can also swim in the Zrmanja river, and a jump from a waterfall is a special experience.

Plitvice Lakes - the symbol of Croatia

One hundred or so kilometres from Paklenica is the most famous Croatian national park, Plitvice Lakes. This miracle of nature, which encompasses 16 lakes and numerous waterfalls, is one of the places you must visit at least once in your life.

The historic city of Šibenik

The oldest city in Dalmatia draws its roots back one thousand years into the past, which is visible at every turn. Be sure to check out the Cathedral of St. James and the fascinating fortress of St. Nicholas on the islet of Ljuljevac.

The magnificent Krka

This is yet another national park in the vicinity of Starigrad Paklenica, the trademark of which is the Skradinski buk waterfall, at the base of which you can also swim. The magnificent nature is displayed here in its best light of green and blue.

Kornati - a nautical heaven

This National Park, an archipelago consisting of 89 islands and cliffs, is a paradise for boaters. The most indented island group in the Mediterranean boasts a colour of the sea that is rare to see. It’s the perfect place to relax and create your Instagram photo collection.

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