If you have chosen the Island of Brač as your next holiday destination, you’ll probably want to know where to go swimming. We have selected a number of the best beaches for you, where you can enjoy with your whole family or that special someone

1. Zlatni rat (Golden Cape), Bol

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What type of list of best beaches on Brač would this be without this attraction? The Zlatni rat is a beach whose appearance is constantly changing due to natural forces, but one thing remains – it is beautiful whichever way you look at it.

Only a few minutes’ walk from Zlatni rat, you can book accommodation in the Hotel Elaphusa, in which you can enjoy the outdoor and indoor pools, rich buffet meals, while for recreation there is bowling and relaxing in the wellness centre extending over 4000 m2.

2. Lovrečina, Postira

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Fans of sandy beaches will be thrilled with this beach, especially because the sand extends up to a hundred metres from the shore. Calm sea, cocktails by the sea, enjoyment to the max, with Postira being a quaint little town worth exploring.

3. Vela luka cove, Supetar

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When you walk into the sea on this beach, your toes will be thrilled – under your feet you’ll feel sand. Of course children will appreciate this the most, and you’ll be able to leave them to enjoy water games in the sea without a worry.

The beach also has a nice beach bar with a variety of snacks, with accommodation possible in the facilities of the Holiday Village Velaris, which is located right next to the cove and offer a beautiful view of the sea and Split.

4. Borak, Bol

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Of all the beaches on Brač, you’ll find the most facilities on the Borak beach – a beach volleyball court where you can have great fun and meet new people, here too are the diving and surfing clubs, as well as a restaurant with the most wonderful atmosphere in Bol, the Borak Beach Restaurant.

The Hotel Borak, on the beach of the same name, is probably the hotel with the most beautiful surroundings – here you will be immersed in greenery while at the same time only 50 metres from the sea!

5. Murvica

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The small locality next to Bol is often the choice of Bol locals when they go swimming, and with good reason. Unlike the neighbouring Zlatni rat, this is a smaller beach, however this too has its charms.

The southern slopes of Vidova gora, with what just may be the steepest vineyards in Croatia on which the grape variety plavac mali i tribidrag for the awarded Stina wines is cultivated, provide an impressive backdrop.

6. Potočine, Bol

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Another beach we love, not only because of its beauty but also because it’s located right next to the deep shade of pine trees. This will especially be appreciated by families with small children. On one side pine trees, on the other turquoise sea. Can it get any better?

It can, if you’re staying in the All Inclusive Bonaca Holiday Village, only 2 minutes’ walk away from the Potočine beach. Aside from the rich All Inclusive programme with all meals, snacks and drinks included, Bonaca in its garden also has a playground and varied activities programme.

7. Kotlina and Bijela kuća (White house), Bol

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These two beaches are right next to one another on the eastern side of Bol, while between them sits an old Dominican monastery, situated on a narrow peninsula, one of the most beautiful views of Bol.

They are located next to the famous Bijela kuća (White house), one of the first hotels built in this popular summer destination. Today the Bijela kuća waits to be renovated and is the location where the exceptionally popular art festival Graffiti na Gradele is held.

8. Bili rat (White Cape), Supetar

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One of the most attractive beaches in the main city of the Island of Brač boasts a diverse selection of activities, so it is excellent for those looking to spend their time more actively. When you become bored with swimming and playing, sit in the shade of pine trees and enjoy a cool drink.

9. Tri mosta (Three bridges), Supetar

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The long and beautiful Supetar beach with abundant facilities, very close to the town centre, so that it’s ideal to take a breather and stroll to the waterfront. The sea here is truly crystal clear, and many swear that they’ve never enjoyed a morning dip anywhere like here.

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