Makarska Riviera is full of natural beauties and cultural and historical sights. What to visit in this part of Dalmatia? Find out below.

1. The highest peak of Biokovo

Biokovo is the second highest Croatian mountain. The highest peak, Sveti Jure, rises 1762 meters above the sea surface, and is special because, unlike many mountain peaks, it is relatively easily accessible. It can be reached even by car, via the highest mountain asphalt road in Croatia. If you are in the mood for an adventure, you can also set off by bike to Sveti Jure from the Bluesun Hotel Alga in Tučepi. Experienced cyclists on road bikes, and those less experienced can ride to the top of the mountain on e-bikes rented at the Bike Center of the Bluesun Hotel Alga.

2. Skywalk

Test your nerves and walk through a skywalk through which you can see the abyss about three hundred meters deep under your feet. The skywalk can be reached by the Biokovo road from the entrance reception of the Biokovo Nature Park, and is located on the 13th kilometre of the road. A trip to the Skywalk can also be arranged at the Bluesun hotels in Brela and Tučepi.

3. The Brela Stone

In Brela, on the west side of the famous Punta Rata beach, stands the Brela Stone. This landmark has become a visual symbol of the Makarska Riviera and one of the symbols of Croatian tourism. It is a rock that does not go unnoticed by any Instagrammer when visiting the Riviera – it emerges from the sea near the shore, and it had trees growing on it. The original name of Brela Stone was Šakan, originated from the fact that the site was the habitat of a Mediterranean bear that was popularly called "šakan". This name was used exclusively until the beginning of the 20th century.

4. Park-forest Osejava

Beautiful park-forest that connects Makarska and Tučepi. Walking, jogging or cycling through it is a real pleasure and food for the soul. Dramatic views from the heights overlooking the the sea or towards Biokovo catch the interest of all visitors of the Makarska Riviera. The park-forest offers an array of well-tended paths and there are many intimate coves where you can enjoy a quiet swim. One of them is the Nugal Beach, which is further discussed in point 7. Useful tip – wear sneakers, not flip flops or slides, because the path is not everywhere flat.

5. Podbiokovo villages

The villages above Makarska, Tučepi and Brela are very picturesque. There, you can still see what this area used to look like, the original rural architecture combined with beautiful views of the coast and islands. Ever since the old times, these houses have been built as extremely solid in order to withstand the gusts of the bora, which sometimes blows at the speed of up to 150 km/h. It is interesting to mention that before the Second World War, the local villagers were employed to extract ice from the Biokovo pits in order to supply the Makarska hotels at a time when there were no refrigerators. After the extraction, it had to be transported to Makarska without it melting. It was hard work, but necessary for survival.

Many villages were abandoned after the devastating earthquake of 1962, but even today some enthusiasts are trying to revive this picturesque area. If you are interested in the 'hidden' side of tourism with a strong history behind it, be sure to take a walk through these villages.

6. A masterpiece of brutalist architecture

Near the Punta Rata beach you can find Bluesun Hotel Soline – a masterpiece made by architect Julije De Luca. Built in the brutalist style in 1983, Soline, if observed from the beach, merges with Biokovo in the background. Today, the Hotel is a favorite destination for all who are looking for a peaceful and comfortable vacation in Brela, a place with perhaps the most beautiful beaches on the Makarska Riviera. We recommend the a la carte restaurant SOL Mediterranean Dining, special for its innovative preparation and presentation of Mediterranean classics.

7. Nugal Beach

Since it was declared the third most beautiful beach in Europe in 2019 in the selection of the European Best Destinations portal, Nugal is a place where more and more naturists, as well as other swimmers, want to enjoy. The pebble beach is surrounded by stone cliffs on both sides, and in the background of Nugal is a dense forest. You won't be bothered by crowds of other swimmers thanks to the fact that it is a bit isolated.

The beach can be reached on foot or by bicycle, through a gravel road through the forest. We advise all naturists who want to enjoy this untouched piece of nature to bring food and drinks with them, because there are no restaurants or bars on Nugal.

8. Andrija Kačić Miošić Square in Makarska

The largest city square was named after the famous poet and writer. Its center is dominated by a monument to Kačić Miošić from 1890. In the northern part there is a late Baroque church dedicated to St. Mark the Evangelist from the 18th century. This co-cathedral was built from 1700 to 1758, and in 1760 a bell tower was erected. After visiting the square, take a walk along the Makarska waterfront and explore the historic streets of the city.

9. Infinity pool of the Bluesun Hotel Berulia

This pool is so breath-taking that it deserves to be included on our list. Bluesun Hotel Berulia is located by the beach in the south-eastern part of Brela, near Baška Voda. The infinity pool of the Hotel is designed so that, together with the trees that surround it and the view of the open sea, it forms one entity. It’s hard to imagine a better place on the entire Riviera for relaxing with a cocktail.

10. French Road

In the hamlets above Brela, there is a beginning of an unfinished road which was built in the Napoleonic era, when the French ruled the area. This road, 1370 meters long, at about 400 meters above sea level, is unique in that it was built in the once hard-to-reach area by diligent human hands because, at that time, there was no machinery to help. Walking up a gentle ascent, you will be able to imagine local peasants struggling to haul stones for a salary of one loaf of bread a day. Then, a spectacular view of the Makarska Riviera, Brela and the islands will appear and you will quickly take the best shots with your camera.

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