Tučepi, a place on the Makarska riviera, is known as being the home of the longest and one of the most beautiful beaches in this area. It’s a popular destination for families, and many tourists who want an active holiday, which includes cycling, mountaineering, climbing and other things, find their base in Tučepi. What does Tučepi offer us other than the four kilometre-long Tučepi beach? Find out in the continuation of this text.


The mountain which stands in the background of the Makarska riviera as its protector was declared a nature park almost forty years ago. The view of Biokovo is beautiful from the whole riviera, but a visit to the nature park is something we especially recommend. First and foremost, Biokovo is heaven for nature lovers, as well as for an active holiday as it offers numerous hiking and mountaineering paths. Just don’t forget to come properly prepared, shod and dressed.

There is also the attractive Skywalk that stretches over an abyss several hundred meters deep. A real test of your courage!

Nugal Beach

Until recently, Nugal Beach near Tučepi was a bit of a secret of the Croatian coast. But since it was named Europe's third best beach for 2019, more and more visitors want to take a swim at it. Although primarily naturist, other lovers of peace and quiet in untouched nature can also enjoy here.

Zip line

Adrenaline at 100%, pleasure too. The zip line above Tučepi is around a kilometre long, and while you ‘fly’, you’ll hardly manage to suppress a sigh of delight. There’s no reason to fear with the help of professional locals, and if you decide to take this adventure, you’ll be able to boast about it far and wide.

Summer villas

On the very coastline in Tučepi, there are several Baroque summer villas from the 18th century which were once under the ownership of noble families. What’s amazing is that even today, you can holiday in the most impressive of them all - the summer villa of Don Grubišić has been turned into the beautiful Heritage Hotel Kaštelet.


The Parish Church of Saint Anthony of Padua is located in Gornje Tučepi (Upper Tučepi) and was constructed in a Neo-Romanesque style in 1901. Although the majority of the residents moved to live closer to the sea, this church remained ‘in the background’.

There are several other churches and chapels in Tučepi and its surrounding area, from which we can pick out the Church of St. Michael from the 18th century and the Church of St. Catherine from the pre-Turkish (pre-Ottoman) era.


What is likely the most interesting festival on the whole riviera is held during summer in the hamlets of Tučepi. Artists from all areas of this noble activity come to Tučepi’s hamlets, each week in one of them, and share their talents with lovers of songwriting, poetry, sculpting, painting. There are sometimes so many visitors that people need to sit on the roofs.

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