Brela is a favourite Adriatic summer destination at the foot of Biokovo, on the Makarska riviera. It could easily become your holiday destination this summer. Why do we think that you should choose Brela? We’ve come up with these 7 reasons.

1. Beaches

Although it’s a relatively small place, it’s decorated by as many as six kilometres of pebble beaches. The most well known of them all is Punta Rata, which was declared the most beautiful beach in Europe by Forbes back in 2004, and the popular European Best Destinations portal declared it to be one of the most beautiful European beaches 11 years later. There’s also the Podrače and the ‘’hidden’’ Vruja beach, which is easiest to reach by boat.

2. Brela rock

The most recognisable symbol of this area is the Brela rock. What this is, is a rock on the western side of Punta Rata, which has become a must-see destination for all who are nearby. Brela rock isn’t your usual lifeless rock, Mediterranean trees grow from it, as if from nothing at all, creating a favourite motif for photos.

3. Food

Just like the rest of Dalmatia, Brela is known for its authentic and free Mediterranean food. Fish that was caught that morning on the grill (Dalmatians call grills gradele), octopus under the bell (a special clay pot with an iron lid that is placed under wooden embers), homemade olive oil, excellent wine… You’ll enjoy it.

4. Active holiday

Although Brela is a quiet place, it doesn’t mean that activities are missing here. Every active holiday lover on the Makarska riviera will enjoy it - you can ride bikes along marked cycling routes, play tennis, volleyball, water polo, take a course in sailing or diving, rent a jet ski, try out some paragliding, climb up Biokovo…

5. Biokovo

The Biokovo nature park can be found nearby. In addition to its natural beauty and spectacular viewpoints, numerous traces of the former coexistence between man and mountain can be found, and at the top of Saint George mountain, lies a church of the same name. Just don’t make the mistake that so many make - attempt to do this unprepared. Dress appropriately and take enough water with you. Don’t stray from the path.

6 Excursions

Given the fact that it’s in an excellent location, you can head out on excursions to surrounding places from Brela - Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir.

7. Excellent hotels

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