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Dream about these places now, visit them soon

Do you regularly update your bucket list of places you want to visit? Today is the perfect time to do this - we bring you 10 Croatian destinations whose charms you will enjoy immensely.

You can only dream of  the excursions now, but soon you'll be able to experience them. Until then, make your list of top destinations to see this year, and we'll show you the way there.

Reasons to choose Bluesun excursions:
The richest tourist offer in the region
Destinations that will leave you speechless
 Entertainment is guaranteed
Unique Mediterranean gastronomy
UNESCO cultural heritage

Memories for a lifetime

River Cetina

From turquoise Glavaševo spring to Omiš stretches the longest river in Central Dalmatia - Cetina. Glavaševo is one of the most impressive springs of Croatian rivers, and the Cetina is especially beautiful throughout its course. The view of Omiš from nearby vantage points, where the Cetina flows into the sea, is remarkable.

For a relaxed experience we recommend a boat ride around Cetina from Omiš. If you are the type for an adrenaline adventure, opt for white water rafting on its restless waterfalls or pure excitement on the zip line, 150 m above the river canyon.

Blue Cave (Modra špilja)

When you enter the Blue Cave on Biševo by boat, you will not be able to suppress a sigh of delight. Ethereal blue light "dances" on the walls, and the color of the water is almost unearthly. This natural phenomenon is caused by the sun's light penetrating into a cave through a submarine hole, giving it a magical appearance.

The easiest way to get to the Blue Cave on Biševo, an island near Vis, is to get organized from the island of Brač. It is also possible to visit the Green Cave on Vis, and stop at several islands on the way to Biševo. Great day trip.

Blaca Hermitage

The monastery carved into the famous Brač rock is the best way to experience the rich local history of the island. It was built by Glagolitic priests half a millennium ago as protection against Ottoman invaders. In addition to very interesting buildings, there is an observatory, a collection of antique weapons, a library, a collection of antique watches...

The best way to get to the former desert haven,  today a candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage List, is from Bol or Supetar. After sightseeing in Blaca, take a swim in a secluded cove nearby and visit the nearby military tunnel.

River Zrmanja

The Zrmanja river is often called the most beautiful Croatian river. It winds through fields, flows through its 6 canyons, eventually flowing into the Novigrad Sea.

Take a boat trip on this river pearl - this is how you will best experience the beauty of its canyons. Swim where the river enters the sea, and on the way visit the charming Novigrad. Excursions are organized from Starigrad-Paklenica.

Biokovo mountain

The second highest Croatian mountain is rich in natural beauty and vistas that you can enjoy even if you are not a mountaineer. Unlike some mountain peaks, the highest peak of Biokovo, Sveti Jure (1762 m), is easily accessible. The brave could also reach it by bicycle, starting from the Bluesun Hotel Alga.

You can see the nature park in organized excursions on foot or in all-terrain vehicles. The view of the Makarska Riviera is fantastic, and we especially recommend that you experience it at sunrise or sunset with experienced local guides from Brela or Tučepi.

Island Korčula

The birthplace of world-renowned explorer and trader Marco Polo, Korčula will easily delight you. Through the years of unique island life, it has preserved its original Mediterranean charm and rich tradition. Particularly interesting are local sword dances, the most famous being the Moreška.

If you want to experience Korčula, the best way is an organized boat trip from Brela or Tučepi to the town of Korčula. Its historic walls and narrow streets will win you over first.

Blue & Red Lake (Modro & Crveno jezero)

The symbols of the hinterland of Dalmatia are two karst lakes near Imotski, Blue and Red Lake. At Blue you can bathe or play football at its bottom when it dries. Red is inaccessible due to steep cliffs. It is one of the deepest lakes in Europe and a must stop when you are nearby.

Along the way, drink coffee or eat great local food and take a look at Imotski.

Cave Modrič

This cave near Rovanjska, on Velebit mountain, is 829 m long and is completely natural, which means that after the discovery there were no interventions - no concrete, floodlights, paths.

Discover the magical world of stalactites and stalagmites. Arrange a visit to the cave at the Bluesun Camp Paklenica or the Bluesun Holiday Village Alan.


Entering the impressive canyon of Velika Paklenica is exciting, especially the view of climbers enjoying the challenges of its steep cliffs. You can go hiking or take a leisurely stroll along the educational trails of this national park or try your hand at climbing.

You can arrange a climbing adventure at the nearby Bluesun Camp Paklenica or the Bluesun Holiday Village Alan - experienced instructors will be happy to take you there.

Krka National Park

Nature lovers will enjoy spending the day in the Krka National Park as it is a masterpiece of nature and a true green oasis. Its 7 magnificent waterfalls, the most famous of which is Skradinski Buk, are something you must see at least once in your life. After Krka, we recommend visiting the nearby historic town of Trogir and discovering UNESCO-protected sights.
Longing to have an organized visit to one of these 10 beautiful destinations at the first opportunity? For more information on trips and accommodation, please write at