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How to best plan a day of your holiday in Tučepi?

How to spend a day in Tučepi? Taken from the experiences of other tourists who have visited, we’re bringing you two plans - one for those who like to spend a bit longer in bed in the morning, and another for real morning types.
Plan one - for those who love to sleep in

After you’ve slept like a baby in the comfortable beds of one of Tučepi’s hotels or holiday villages (such as, for example, Afrodita Holiday Village), don’t miss out on breakfast.

We’ve had a look at the offers of the given hotels and resorts - our choice is something easy, and tasty - fruit muesli, butter with honey on bread or a croissant with coffee.

If you’re not expecting to have lunch soon, you can make your breakfast a bit ‘’stronger’’ - scrambled eggs, turkey ham or kulen, a bit of semi-hard cheese (ementaler, gauda, smoked cheese…), with a chocolate spread for dessert.

The perfect breakfast is served at each of the Bluesun hotels

After a good breakfast, it’s time to go swimming. You can swim in the swimming pool of one of the hotels, or on the nearby beach, it depends on what you like the most.

After spending all morning enjoying the charms of ‘’sea therapy’’, it’s time for lunch. Our recommendation is for you to head to Restaurant Kaštelet or to Clemente’s Pub. At Kaštelet, you’ll find a la carte dishes, and Clemente’s Pub is perfect for burger lovers.

Say "Cheers" to the beauty of life while in Clemente's Pub

After lunch, it’s best to relax a little, and for that you’ll be able to jump over to Makarska, which is five kilometres away. If you’re not feeling like an excursion, there’s nothing left but to swim and enjoy the sunshine again.

After a good dinner, relax a little, so change into your evening clothes and drink a cocktail at Hygge bar.

Plan two - for lovers of a more active holiday

For real morning types, we recommend an ample breakfast full of carbohydrates, in order for you to have enough energy for the whole day - a good sandwich, some spread on bread, puff pastry, and for dessert, compote of peaches or plums, or even better, pancakes.

Morning swimming on Croatian beaches is a real pleasure because the air outside is still fresh, and the beaches are more or less empty. After you have a dip, rent a bike and a route from the hotel - to Makarska! You can walk the couple of kilometres to the centre of the riviera, too, along a beautiful walkway through the forest.

Reserve Bluesun Resort Afrodita:

You can also take a bike along other prepared paths around Tučepi - those who are stronger and bolder can take the Biokovo tour, a sixty kilometre long path which takes you along the seaside as well as through the magnificent mountains. There are also other, easier routes, for recreation lovers.

Cycling to Makarska takes you through the picturesque landscapes

Don’t forget to refresh yourself in the sea along the way, so you don’t ‘’cook’’ in the sun, and make sure to bring enough water with you.

When you come back to Tučepi, a ‘’protein restoration’’ awaits you in Restaurant Kaštelet or in Clemente’s Pub. If you ask us, after a tiring bike ride there’s nothing better than a delicious burger and a good beer at the pub.

After a well deserved afternoon rest, if you manage, head to the beach or the hotel swimming pool. If not, a cocktail in Hygge bar is waiting for you…
Breakfast, swimming, tanning, lounging around, excursions, mountaineering, tennis, football… Tučepi has something to suit every taste. Tell us your desired dates and number of people - call us on +385 1 3844 288 or send us an email to We'll get back to you as quick as possible.