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Best Diving Destinations in Bol, Croatia


Diving on the island of Brač

Although Brač doesn't stand out as a world famous diving destination, it does have few popular and interesting diving sites. Both, locals and tourists who visit Brac enjoy diving here. There are more than few diving centers where you can enroll in diving courses, join organized dives, fill up your tanks, or just hang out with likeminded people.

In our travel guide to the island of Brac, we've already mention that north and south shores of the island differ a lot. North shores descend gently toward the sea line, while the south shores are very steep, and drop down to the sea sharply. Winds, currents and sunlight all influence the shape of the beaches, a seabed, flora and fauna of these shores and the underwater world.

The sea at the north side of the island is less deep, while on the south side, the seabed starts as gentle, pebble beach, just to drop down deep only few meters from the shores.

The most popular diving sites on the island of Brac

1 | Lučice Cave

Located on the southeast side of the island, Lučice Cave lies in the cove of the same name. Lučice Cave is a popular diving site in Brač although it doesn't abound in marine life. Actually, this is exactly the reason why Lučice is popular, as it is considered the underwater desert. It consists of a spacious chamber located at 15 m below the sea level, and two underwater tunnels, dropping down to 30 and 44 m respectively. This area lacks in currents, and thus the walls are a desert-like and completely bare. Very few underwater creatures frequent this site.

2 | Zlatni Rat

Sure, Zlatni Rat is not the most exciting diving site in the world, but it's one of the most frequented beaches in Croatia. And where there are people, there are divers as well. In the shallow waters, the seabed is mostly pebbles, and thus very unstable, not suitable for any fixed underwater creatures or algae. As you go deeper, you'll notice the change in a seabed and underwater life. Algae become more prominent, and the underwater world comes to life. There are few smaller underwater walls. You can spot sea urchins, and various shellfish: wild oysters, pen shell, and alike.

3 | Cape Drasine

Cape Drasine is located just 1 nm from Bol, and it's a great site for beginner divers. At the depth of only 5-8 m you can see the remains of a Roman mosaic. The flora and fauna are also interesting. The underwater walls, and rocks are plentiful here, and the underwater colors are breathtaking: from light green, turquoise, to dark blue.

4 | Golubinja Spilja

Golubinja Spilja is another diving site on the island of Brač located only 1.3 nm from Bol. The site has various underwater rocks and reefs, and sandy bottom. Underwater life abounds in gobies, cuttlefish, sea bass and conger eels.

Other interesting diving sites that can be visited from Brač are located at the nearby islands of Hvar and Šolta.

Diving centers

While there are few diving centers on the island, we highly recommend Big Blue Diving Center located just below Bluesun Hotel Borak in Bol. Big Blue offers diving courses for beginners and advanced divers, as well as scuba diving trips, and equipment rental. Diving course prices range from 380 Kn for a two-hour beginners course to 3.360 Kn for a Divemaster (PADI) course. Day dive costs 330 Kn while the night dive will set you back 350 Kn. Boat trip costs an additional 100 Kn per diver.

Contact the Bluesun Hotel Borak or Big Blue Diving Center for more details.


Frank G. is a four-time expatriate Canadian currently living in Croatia. Together with his girlfriend, he blogs about Croatia at Frank About Croatia.


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