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Facts about Sunce Koncern

SUNCE KONCERN d.d. for tourism and hospitality
Commercial Court in Zagreb,
CRN 08050240 – TIN 06916431329
2360000-1101909750, Zagrebačka banka
d.d., Zagreb
2483005-1100015220, Štedna banka d.d.
Equity capital: 226.806.200,00 kn

Within the Koncern's frames are the following companies:

 Zlatni rat d.d. Hotels, Bol

Brela Hotels d.d., Brela

Tučepi Hotels d.d., Tučepi

Sunce Global d.o.o., Zagreb

Basic activities of the firm are tourism and hospitality.
Besides the already mentioned hotels, within the frames of Bluesun are also these companies:

Hotel Alan d.d., Starigrad Paklenica

Salve Regina d.o.o.