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Ferry to the island of Brač: how often does it go and where are the ferry ports?

In order for you to arrive to the island of Brač, and if you’re not planning to fly into its airport, you’ll get there by sea. Ferries and catamarans travel between Brač and the Dalmatian mainland.
For those who don’t know, the difference between a ferry and a catamaran is that a ferry can carry cars.

Supetar - the largest ferry port and a direct connection with Split

The main ferry port on the island of Brač is in the town of Supetar, which is connected by ferry to the second largest Croatian city - Split.

During summer, the ferry from Supetar goes as much as 14 time per day, so it’s easy for you to jump to Split without wasting a large portion of the day.

However, still make sure to get to the ferry port on time.

It’s easy to find a good hotel in Supetar, the highly praised Amor and Velaris resort are there

 The last ferry from Split goes back to Supetar at midnight - that gives you more than enough time for an evening outing in Split. Cinema, theatre, shopping or a football match in Split - all of that’s available to you from Supetar during the evening whenever you want.

As far as accommodation in Supetar goes, we recommend Bluesun hotel Amor with 4 star rooms, a swimming pool, a unique flower garden and a rich breakfast included in the price of the room.

During the summer, the ferry travels between Supetar and Split as many as 14 times per day

How long does the journey take and how often does it go?

Travelling by ferry between Supetar and Split lasts around 50 minutes.

During the height of the tourist season, between the 28th of June and the 1st of September, the ferry goes very often, as many as 14 times per day.

If you’re coming to Brač in June or even in September, the ferry will go 12 times per day. During the rest of the year, the Supetar - Split ferry goes 9 times daily.

Beaches in Supetar are readily waiting for you to step off the ferry and make yourself at home on them

Sumartin - via ferry to Makarska

In the east of the island of Brač is Sumartin, from which the ferry goes towards Makarska, a city about 80 kilometres south of Split.

The ferry will take you from Makarska to Sumartin in a little less than an hour.

When the most tourists are there, during July and August, this ferry goes 5 times per day. Still, make sure you come to the port in time because this ferry has less of a capacity.

In June and September you can count on 4 ferries per day, while during the rest of the year the ferries go 3 times daily.

Directly to Zlatni rat (Golden horn) via catamaran

As far as the catamaran is concerned, they’re in Bol on Brač. There are 2 lines - one of them goes to Jelsa on Hvar in one direction, or to Split in the other direction.

The other line goes between Split and Dubrovnik, and the stops are Bol, Hvar and Korčula.

You can quickly and simply get to the most famous Croatian beach of Zlatni rat from Split on the catamaran

Brač is very well connected to the mainland by sea. If you decide to come, you’ll arrive to the island quite simply.

Thus, this summer, we’re inviting you to come to Brač - an island almost made for an ideal family holiday.

Hotels for families or for couples, at the beach or in nature, with half board or an All Inclusive service - our team can help you to choose accommodation which best suits your needs.

Call +385 1 3844 288 or send your chosen dates and the number of people to and you’ll receive a special offer for hotels on the most beautiful Croatian beaches.