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Last Minute August

Fodor's Travel: Croatia Is The #1 Rising Destination in 2015


When it comes to destination-guide page views on, Croatia is No. 1 among the world's tourist hot spots on the rise.
In a press release entitled "Where Do Travelers Want to Go in 2015?", the global travel guide publisher Fodor's has published the results of its research on the travel destinations that visitors of search the most. The main criterion was the number of destination-guide page views on, and it turns out that Croatia leads the emerging hot spots in this respect.

"With 1,778 km (1,111 mi) of coastline and more than a thousand islands (66 of which are inhabited), Croatia is one of Europe's most beautiful seaside destinations", claims on the home page of its Croatia travel guide. The website goes on to name beaches, history, sailing and wine as the top reasons to go to Croatia. Zlatni Rat Beach is highlighted as "glorious" and "obvious spot from swimming and sunning", especially suitable for windsurfing.

According to Wikipedia, Fodor's is "the world's largest publisher of English language travel and tourism information". Covering around 300 destinations from all over the world, it is distinguished by an almost 80-year tradition and its network of locally-based writers. The data from Fodor's research was compiled in this infographic.