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Tučepi beach: 5 things you must experience on the longest beach of the Makarska riviera

Tučepi beach, with its more than four kilometre length, is the longest beach in the whole of the Makarska riviera. What should you know about what Tučepi prides itself on before you decide to spend your summer holiday here?
We’re bringing you five suggestions of experiences which you shouldn’t miss this summer.

1. Admire the spectacular view

When you head out onto the pebbles of Tučepi beach, you can enjoy a view which very few countries in the world offer during your holiday. Tučepi is located between the sea on one side, and the Biokovo mountains on the other. As Biokovo is relatively close to the shore, the feeling that a view of the mountain in the moments while you’re swimming and tanning offers you, truly is unique.

2. Enjoy a family holiday

Every parent wants their kids to have fun - on Tučepi beach, they’ll be able to enjoy the trampoline in the sea, a water toboggan and other fun designed for kids. The fun for adults includes riding the popular ‘’banana’’, parasailing and other things. The beach is well equipped - and you can rent sunbeds there, there are also locker rooms, showers and sanitary facilities.

3. You’ll eat well

On the terrace of the nearby Kaštelet Hotel, there’s a restaurant of the same name. You’ll find classic Dalmatian dishes and Mediterranean cooking there, which is beautifully prepared.

If you’re up for something a bit different, head to Clemente’s Pub. It’s known for its very good offer on beer and delicious burgers.

4. Stay in shape

If swimming and tanning is starting to bore you, why not play some tennis or show your friends who the best basketball player in your group is? Slatina sports centre is located near Hotel Neptun, in which, in addition to what we’ve already mentioned, you can play football on the grass, asphalt and sand, volleyball, boccia, table tennis… In addition to Slatina sports centre, you can rent a bike, a pedalo, learn to dive, surf and do waterskiing on Tučepi beach.

5. Treat yourself to a holiday in a holiday village

A holiday village is different from a hotel as it has a slightly more intimate atmosphere. Afrodita Holiday Village is right next to Tučepi beach, which can be praised for its extraordinary Mediterranean garden and large swimming pool with a terrace. The morning breakfast, as visitors say, is an unforgettable experience.

Let Tučepi beach be your hit destination this summer. Come and enjoy!

Tučepi is known for boasting the longest and the most beautiful beach on the Makarska riviera (more than 4 km), along which lies a beautiful walkway shadowed and shaded by tamarisk and pine trees. It’s one thing to read about it, and it’s another to experience it for real, so, come and spend an unforgettable summer holiday in Dalmatia. For all information and accommodation reservations, call us on +385 1 3844 288 or send us an email to