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Transport connections - How to get to Marija Bistrica?

Marija Bistrica is only 50 km away from Zagreb, and extensively connected with the capital through a network of roads and railway.

Zagreb has an international railway and bus station as well as an international airport, which is why Marija Bistrica has excellent connections with the rest of the world.

Bus routes – Zagreb Bus Station (35 km), Zlatar (10 km), Stubičke Toplice (25 km)

Railway lines from Zlatar Bistrica (7km), which can be reached by bus or taxi

Zagreb Internationl Airport is directly connected to many European cities

Taxi for 8 people - tel. 098/9170-404; 098/1665-108


  • Split (448 km)
  • Ljubljana (183 km)
  • Budapest (315 km)
  • Vienna (358 km)
  • Munich (590 km)