Fan fever has got Bluesun shaking as well! All fans of the most important unimportant thing in the world can watch the matches of their favorite team in hotels in Bol on Brač, Brela, and Tučepi, with numerous additional activities for the young ones and for adults, along with excellent booking conditions.

Euro 2024 in Bol on Brač

Bol will be blazing! For the young ones, we have organized five-a-side football tournaments; together with the children, you will be able to paint your face in the flag of your favorite team, compete in ball kick-ups, shooting at the goal, and participate in trivia quizzes. And, of course, watch the match together with other fans.

Euro 2024 on the Makarska Riviera

In Brela and Tučepi on the Makarska Riviera, numerous fan activities await you! Your children will be beyond excited to paint their faces in the flags of the countries participating in the Euro. Test your football knowledge in trivia quizzes and prediction games, and in Tučepi, we also organize Playstation football tournaments. The main event is the organized match viewing in a positive fan environment.

Note: Details of the fan program and children's animation will be available in each hotel.

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