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Holidays in Omiš: sandy beaches and active vacation in the pirate city

Omiš is a city where you will find your perfect vacation on the sandy beaches of Duće and the peaceful bays of Ruskamen. Lovers of nature, active holidays and promenades along the historical streets of a Mediterranean city will enjoy Omiš as well.
While the Cetina river flows peacefully into the Adriatic Sea, Poljica Mountain is watching over the town of Omiš. For centuries, the river, the town and the mountain have formed an indivisible entity that continues to amaze with its unique beauty.

Omiš is today best seen from the spectacular vistas that surround it.

The view of Omiš from the viewpoint of Gata is one of the most spectacular scenes in the Adriatic

Along the road leading to the town are the Gata lookout and the one near the famous statue of local legendary heroine Mila Gojsalić.

Explore the pirate history of Omiš

Omiš has been known in history as a pirate city. Powerful galleys and merchant ships had to appease the Omiš citizens in order to obtain a right of passage.

In Omiš, old pirate fortresses can still be seen today; the view from their walls is truly impressive

The city is today home to famous forts where pirates once sought safety.

The center of active tourism

The city's surroundings is perfect for hiking, climbing, paragliding… Probably the most famous activity is rafting on the river Cetina, and there is also a two-mile spectacular zipline.

Take a deep breath and embark on the adventure of a lifetime - the zipline is the closest you can get to flying over the Cetina River

Some "lines" are also more than 100 meters above the ground, so expect a good rush of adrenaline. In Omiš you can dive, kayak, sail…

The view of the magnificent mountain, walking along the river and narrow streets, swimming on the sandy beaches of Duće and the peaceful bays of Ruskamen near Holiday Village Sagitta*** are what make Omiš a special place.

The beaches in Duće near Hotel Nestos**** are a great choice for a family vacation

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