Article 1 General provisions

This document determines the rules and conditions of participation in the creative contest (hereinafter: CREATIVE CONTEST) organized by SUNCE HOTELI d.d. (hereinafter: ORGANIZER). The purpose of the contest is to promote the offer and brand Bluesun Hotels & Resorts. The prize contest lasts for the time period as indicated in the prize contest announcement and is published on the official Facebook page.

Article 2 Course of the creative contest and conditions of participation

Adults who are users of the social network Facebook or Instagram and who agree to the rules of the creative contest can participate in the creative contest. In order to participate in the creative contest, participants must meet the conditions specified in this Ordinance, announced through 2 rounds of contest:

1. First round: The start of the contest will be announced with a post on the official Bluesun Facebook and Instagram page. Participants should choose a favorite photo from their holiday in Bluesun Hotels (from any year) and post it in the form of a Facebook comment on the contest announcement post or send the photo to the Instagram direct messages with a note referring to the application for the creative contest. Along with the photo, it is necessary to briefly describe, for example, why that particular photo was chosen, what is shown on it or the memory it captures, and the country of nationality of the participant. Participants are free to choose only one application channel, it is not necessary to send the application for the contest on both channels. Only one application per participant is taken into account; in case of submitting more than one photo, only one application is considered for the prize. After the end of the first round, the expert jury will select 15 finalists who will enter the second round of the contest.

2. Second round: The second round of the contest involves the announcement of 15 finalists as part of a single post of the photo gallery on the Bluesun official Facebook page. The contestant whose photo gets the largest number of Facebook reactions (that are coming from authentic and provable personal accounts) wins the prize.

Article 3 Prize

The prize includes 5 overnight stays + breakfast for 2 people in 2022, in a Bluesun Hotel chosen by the winner of the contest. It is not possible to exchange prizes, receive a monetary equivalent payment of the prize won or transfer it to a third party. Dates are subject to availability.

Article 4 Selection, publication and notification of the winners

The first round lasts: from 1 to 21 October 2021. The selection of 15 finalists will take place on: 22 October 2021.

The second round starts on 25 October 2021 by posting 15 finalists on the Bluesun official Facebook page and lasts: until 29 October 2021 with the current state in the number of reactions at 10:00 AM. Any subsequent new reactions or withdrawals of reactions are not included in the winning statistics.

In the first round, 15 finalists will be selected by an expert jury on behalf of the Organizer. The expert jury consists of 3 members of the Marketing Department of Sunce hoteli d.d. The winner is chosen by Facebook users with their voting activities as described in Art. 2 under the conditions of participation.

The Organizer of the contest will announce the winner on 2 November 2021 on the official website and in a special Facebook and Instagram post along with their winning photo and their Facebook or Instagram handle, after a careful review and summation of authentic Facebook reactions.

The day of the announcement of the winner is indicated in Art. 3. The winner is obliged to send their personal data to the Organizer via Facebook or Instagram inbox within 10 days from the announcement of the winner. Personal data to be submitted: first and last name, address and place of residence, mobile phone number, date of birth. In case the winner does not submit personal data to the Organizer within the given deadline, they will lose the right to the prize, and the prize will not be awarded later. In case the submitted personal data of the winner is not complete, the Organizer may refuse to award the prize.

Article 5 Acceptance of the prize

After submitting the data, the winner will receive information on how to collect and use the prize.

Article 6 Data security

The participants of the creative contest authorize the Organizer to process the personal data of the participants of the contest until the revocation of the participants, for the purpose of informing about the creative contest and for marketing purposes of the Organizer of the creative contest. The Organizer undertakes not to send personal data to third parties, except for partners who directly participate in the prize fund and who need personal data in order for the prize to be used.

Article 7 Liability and right of use

The Organizer does not take responsibility for:

- any consequences resulting from the misuse or abuse of the terms of the contest by participants in the creative contest or third parties,

- unwanted consequences suffered by the participants due to participation in the contest,

- (non)functioning of the social network Facebook and the consequences of (non)functioning, regardless of the reasons for (non)functioning,

- (in)accuracy of the data sent by the participants in the contest. The Organizer undertakes to process and store the data in accordance with applicable regulations and laws.

The participant guarantees that the persons in the photo have given their consent for their personal data contained in the photo to be shared with the Organizer, as well as the consent for the Organizer to use the photo for the purpose of further marketing activities.

By applying for the creative contest, each participant transfers to the Organizer the right to use the personal data contained in the photo indefinitely and without territorial limitation. Use includes the rights to publish and distribute the published photo for promotional purposes through any advertising channel of the Organizer's choice. The use of personal data also refers to stating the participant's name as the author of the photograph as well as the country in which they live.

By applying for the creative contest, the participant guarantees that they are the author of the submitted photo and irrevocably and exclusively transfer to the Organizer all their copyrights to the submitted photos, in a way that transfers all copyrights, indefinitely and without territorial limitation. The participant expressly authorizes the Organizer to use the submitted photos for promotional purposes through any advertising channel of the Organizer's choice, in particular through all electronic media, social networks and all media that will be used for promotional purposes in the future. When using the photos, the Organizer is obliged to state the author of the photo by publishing the name of the author and the country they come from.

It is considered that each participant confirms by participating that they are familiar with these rules of the contest and the conditions of participation in the contest.

Employees of the Organizer’s company, employees of companies that in any way participate in the contest or are in any way related to the business operations of the Organizer, as well as members of their immediate family may not participate in the contest.

The Organizer reserves the right to remove the submitted photo of inappropriate or offensive content and to disqualify a participant who does not comply with the provisions of this Ordinance. If the disqualification includes the winning photo, the prize is won by the next contestant whose photo has collected the largest number of authentic Facebook reactions.

Article 8 Final provisions

Participants in the creative contest waive the right to any complaints against the Organizer related to participation in the creative contest (e.g. regarding the costs of participation, forbidding the participation in the creative contest in accordance with the conditions of participation). For the purpose of informing during the contest, the participant allows the use of various communication channels, such as telephone, mail, e-mail, notifications on Facebook profile, etc. All claims and complaints of participants are resolved by the Organizer. In the event that complaints are substantiated, the Organizer undertakes to resolve them as soon as possible and notify the participant of the contest. In case of a dispute, the Municipal Court in Zagreb has jurisdiction. The Organizer reserves the right to change the rules and conditions of participation in the creative contest. The Organizer will inform the participants about all changes and news via the official website. The Organizer has the right to terminate the creative contest at any time.

Facebook does not sponsor, promote or administer your participation or the contest in any way.

Facebook is in no way responsible for the organization and conduct of the contest and has no responsibility in the event of any disputes.

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