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Pošip Stina 2015 declared the best wine at France's oldest competition!


On April 2nd, 2016. in Bourg Bay, Pošip Stina 2015 from Bol on Brač Island won the gold medal at the oldest and most prestigious international competition of winemakers in France, the Challenge International du Vin.
At their 40th anniversery, festival organizers named Croatia their guest of honor. Among the 38 evaluated wines from Croatia, Pošip Stina 2015 won the gold medal in the category of white wines, and shortly after, along with the other 8 wines enterted the final assessment with a 12-membered jury made up of journalists and writers, and won the most votes (11) and was voted the best Croatian wine!

At this prestigious competition that is held every spring in the French Bourg near Bordeaux, winemakers from 35 countries participate and present their 5,000 wines and spirits (alcoholic beverages) to the finest professional tasters.

"We are extremlely proud that Pošip Stina 2015 was declared the best Croatian wine at the most prestigious international competition. The tremendous effort that we have invested in regenerating our vineyards in Bol on Brač Island in the past 7 years, is returning to us every day – with quality harvests and prestige awards which are confirmation of all that was our goal – to promote excellence and position Brač Island on the wine map of the world", commented Ivica Kovacevic, Director Stina winery.

Pošip Stina - top quality from Brac stone
In Croatia, production is dominated by white wines, therefore, it is even more challenging to produce one that will dazzle with its distinctiveness among the rest. Pošip Stina is grown under specific conditions, in regenerated, century-old vineyards shaped like an amphitheater, where the grapes ripening on the 400 nm / in which he provides the optimal ratio of sun and salt that gives all Stina wines a superb taste and a distinctive "touch", that at the first sip already, aparts them from the rest. Stina wine is originally produced in the center of Bol, where the same named winery is also located. This was very much recognized at the Challenge du Vin, which is famous for its rigourous criteria – namely, the wine is "blindly tasted" for two days by 340 tasters, and then the samples are sorted, and before the medal ceremony they undergo rigorous laboratory control.

Croatia - the home of premium wines
Selecting Croatia as the guest of honor, according to organizers – was quite logical, given the tradition of winemaking in Dalmatia that dates back to ancient times. Croatia is a small territory and its wine production is at a high #21 in the world, and a fascinating fact is that in its 300 registered wine-growing region in the 33, 000 ha cultivated 200 varieties, of which as many as 60 are autochthonous. In the last ten years in Croatia very much was invested in growing and winemaking, especially in private wineries, which resulted in numerous awards, and thus global recognition of Croatian quality and a high demand for top-quality local wines. Now it has the best ambassador in the global community of wine connoisseurs – the gold Pošip Stina 2015, with it's luxurious flavor, is a synergy of the nature of the island of Brač, love and the outstanding care of human's hands.

Previous awards:
Although the vineyards in Bol were restored in 2009. - the special access, fantastic location, beacuse they are situated at the highest altitude in Croatia, traditional cultivation and hand picking, with superior variety, very quickly gave results and brought back the island of Brač to the wine map of the world, where is always belonged.

Thus, in 2011 Stina Prošek 2011., won the bronze medal at the "Wine Challenge in London", Stina 2009 Plavac Mali Majstor won the gold medal at the "Le Challenege Internationational du Vin in Bordeaux" in 2013 and Stina Pošip 2014 won the silver medal at the "Wine Challenge in London" in 2015.