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Prize Competition Rules

Pursuant to the provision of Article 6 of the Ordinance on the awarding of prize contests, the company Sunce hotels d.d., Trpinjska 9, Zagreb, OIB 06916431329 (in the continuation of this text: "Organiser") determines the following:

The rules of the prize contest

1. General Provisions
The purpose of the prize contest is to encourage Bluesun hotel’s guests to evaluate the quality of service with the aim of improving service quality. The purpose of the prize contest is to promote Bluesun Hotels & Resorts.

The prize contests will last throughout the 2019 tourist season, more specifically from the 1.7.2019 to the 31.10.2019.

2. The conditions for partaking in the prize contest
People who cumulatively meet the following conditions can partake in the prize contest:
− they are older than 16 years of age
− they are users (guests) of Bluesun Hotels & Resorts’ accommodation facilities during the period throughout which the prize contest lasts
− they have given their consent (GDPR consent) that they can receive a welcome message with a link to the questionnaire on the satisfaction of guests (questionnaire) to their email address
− they fill in the questionnaire on the satisfaction of guests submitted to them with the link from the previous condition
By choosing to send a completed questionnaire to the organiser, the person enters the prize contest. A person can only fill out the questionnaire once.
Each participant is considered to be familiar with the rules and conditions of participation in the prize contest upon completing the questionnaire and participating in the prize contest.
Staff of the organiser, or any other person who are in any way connected with the work of organiser, cannot participate in the prize contest, nor can members of their immediate family.

3. The prize
The prize is a holiday in Bluesun Hotels & Resorts Hotel Elaphusa for two people in one standard double-bed room with a balcony on the side of the sea with half-board services, lasting seven days in the period from 9.5.2020 to the 29.5.2020.
The exact period will be arranged via the choice of the winner of the prize contest, and because of that the winner must contact the organiser and let them know their desired period for their holiday, before 15.3.2020 at the latest, otherwise the organiser will independently organise the period during the aforementioned period of 9.5.2020 to 29.5.2020.
The value of the prize contest is 5.600,27 kn.

A replacement prize isn’t possible, nor is the payment of the monetary value of the prize, nor is it possible to transfer it to a third person.
A participant of the prize contest has the right to win only one main prize.
4. The selection, announcement and the notification of the winners
The drawing of the winner will take place at the headquarters of the organiser in Zagreb, Trpinjska 9, on 4.11.2019 via a computer application, using the random selection method. Each participant has equal prospects of winning and the choice of winner does not depend on the organiser's will.
After selecting the winner, an authorised person of the organiser will examine whether the chosen winner meets the conditions of these rules. If the chosen winner does not meet all of the terms of these rules, the organiser will repeat the draw until a winner who meets the requirements is drawn. If the chosen winner meets all the terms of these rules, the organiser will notify them of having won the prize via his email address within 24 hours of the draw.
The winner must confirm the receipt of the prize within 30 days of receipt of the notice of having won the prize, in writing, as a response to the email in which they have been notified of having won.
After the announcement of the winner, the organiser may publish on social networks and/or via other means that the prize contest has been completed, that the winner has been drawn, and invite all participants to check their email. The name of the winner will not be published by the organiser without their express consent.

6. Data security
The organiser will not respond to incomplete and incorrect information provided by the participant, nor will they if the winner does not receive the prize due to an incorrect email address and/or a defect for which the email service provider is responsible. The organiser and the persons involved in carrying out the prize contest are not responsible for any possible damage that could arise from the prize.

The prize contest can only be terminated if circumstances arise for which the organiser is not responsible or could not prevent, remedy or avoid. Participants will be informed about the termination of the prize contest at In this case, the organiser is not responsible to the participants for possible damage.
The organiser's decision on all issues related to the prize contest or the application of these rules is final and binding upon all participants.

7. Final provisions
The rules of the prize contest with its specified class, order number, and date of approval by the Ministry of Finance, will be published on
All complaints and from participants of the prize contest are solved by the organiser. In the case that the complaints are grounded, the organiser undertakes the responsibility to resolve them as soon as possible and notify the contestants. In the case of a dispute, the competent court in Zagreb is in charge.

Solution of the Ministry of Finance Class: UP/I-460-02/19-01/385 Order.number: 513-07-21-01-19-2 Date: 19. lipnja 2019.