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Rafting Cetina

A special pearl, impressive and unforgettable. Be a part of an out of the ordinary event going down the river's canyon, seeing its waterfalls, caves and enjoying the unspoiled nature.
With the help of our experienced skippers and all of the downhill equipment we offer you three hours of exciting and beautiful experiences.

Included in the price: transportation, equipment, skipper, snack

Reservations and ticket sales available at the reception of Bluesun hotels.

Did you know?

• The river is surrounded by Mountain Svilaja, Kamešnica and Dinara. There are many small towns and villages near by, filled with grasslands, green meadows and colorful flowers.

• Not only is it beautiful but also useful, connecting many fields and uniting all waters both above and below ground, for instance taking and giving water from Bosnia as well as supplying drinking water to much of Dalmatia.