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Bluesun Resort Velaris - Supetar, island of Brač***

Bluesun Resort Velaris - Supetar, island of Brač

The pavilions offer comfortable rooms which are located a mere 50 metres from the beach. During summer evenings with an open window, you can enjoy the peaceful sounds of the sea and the scent of the pine trees.
Bluesun resort Velaris 3* is located in the picturesque bay of Vela Luka, in the western part of Supetar on the island of Brač in Croatia. It is an ideal place for absolute relaxation and fun. Discover the beautiful gardens of Bluesun resort Velaris 3*; enjoy the gardens full of the scents of pine, rosemary and lavender, the sound of the sea and beautiful pebbled and sandy beaches.

Bluesun resort Velaris 3* is the choice for married couples when on honeymoon, families with children, groups and couples who are in search of fun and relaxation during their stay in Croatia.

We don’t buy our vegetables and water melons, instead, we grow them in our own fields and we bring them directly to the tables of our guests every day. We make our own, homemade jams, we bake our own bread, buns and cakes, and we produce our very own olive oil.
Does a holiday at Bluesun resort Velaris 3*, which is right next to the beach in Supetar interest you? Call our reservation centre on +385 1 3844 288 or send us an email with your request to