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Starigrad Paklenica: Sights

Apart from trips, the natural beauties of the region make possible a large number of adventure activities such as canoe safari rafting, free climbing, trekking and cycling. Those who are more curious can visit the ethno-villages, while the more adventurous can go on jeep rides around Velebit and tour the locations of the filming of the legendary western Winnetou movies.

All these activities are within the reach of the newly renovated Bluesun Holiday Village Alan***, where you can also enjoy the rich cuisine on offer, and spend relaxing moments in the wellness.

Starigrad Paklenica is situated in the vicinity of the city of Zadar (40 km), the cultural centre of Central Dalmatia.

Zadar is a fascinating city due to its monumental architecture and position, with the most famous monument in the city being the Church of St Donatus.

The Roman forum is yet more evidence of the historical presence of the Ancient Romans in Zadar. Visit the city’s numerous museums, and enjoy in peaceful strolls on the Zadar riva (waterfront promenade), where you can hear the melodic rhythm of the sea by listening to the famous Sea Organ.

Reserve Bluesun Holiday Village Alan:

Sights in Starigrad Paklenica:

  • St Peter’s Church
  • Večka kula Tower
  • Paklarić Fort
  • Veliko Rujno – St Mary’s Church
  • Tulove grede (Tulo’s Beams)
  • Modrič

Starigrad Paklenica trips


  • Nordic walking tour - Paklenica
  • Following the footsteps of Winnetou
  • Trekking
  • Zrmanja River Canyon


Paklenica National Park

Paklenica National Park canyons, trekking paths, flora and fauna, and proximity to the sea has been fascinating hikers and climbers, as well as nature lovers and trekkers from all over the world for decades.

Whole-day trips start from the hotel following breakfast, where we leave by bus, stopping for lunch (the trip includes a lunch package), returning before dinner.

The program includes: tickets to the National Park, a visit to the Manita peć Cave and a tour guide

Kornati National Park

We organise a whole-day trip by bus and boat to the archipelago that has the largest number of islands on the Mediterranean (150 islands) and which continues to amaze visitors and yachtsmen because of the blueness of the sea and the whiteness of the rocks.

We leave the hotel and take a half-hour bus ride to Zadar and then take a boat to Kornati. The trip includes cruising around the Archipelago, swimming, lunch and a drink on the boat. We return before dinner by boat to Zadar and then take a bus to Starigrad.

The program includes: boat ride, lunch and drink on the boat, tickets for the National Park, a tour guide

Plitvice Lakes National Park

We organise a whole-day trip to the oldest National Park in Croatia, included on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List. The trip takes 1 hour and 15 minutes by bus.

This National Park is a natural phenomenon because of its 16 lakes which are interconnected by waterfalls amidst thick forests. We take a tour around the National Park on foot, by train and by boat on the Kozjak Lake.

We set off after breakfast by bus, have a lunch package and return before dinner.
The program includes: tickets for the National Park and a guide

Krka National Park

We organise a whole-day trip to the National Park (which takes approximately one hour), a creation of the karst beauty of the Krka River.

You will be delighted by the richness of the flora and the abundance of water in this otherwise rocky region.

The waterfalls occur one after another, the most famous one being Skradinski buk.

In the shade, you can taste homemade brandy from the inhabitants and see the original mills. We set off after breakfast, have a lunch package, and return before dinner.

The program includes: tickets for the National Park, a tour guide

Active Holiday Program

Trekking in the Paklenica National Park.

The place is perfect for those who enjoy nature and walking.

The National Park stretches along the sea, and at the entrance there is the magnificent Velika Paklenica Canyon, well-trodden paths and a stream that accompanies you on the road.

The Park’s surface is 100 km2, giving you plenty of options from which to choose a trekking path that will allow you to get to know the virgin beauty of this mythical mountain. Located at 870 m above sea level is Veliko Rujno, a favourite destination of climbers, including the small Church of St Mary where pilgrims come to pray on 15 August, the feast day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

The program includes: tickets for the National Park, a guide, a visit to the Manita peć Cave, a lunch package


Tour around the marked paths on the Velebit Mountain with a mountain bike.

This is recommended for those who are fit. Others can take an easier route on the asphalted roads of the Starigrad Riviera. Bikes are available for hire at Bluesun Holiday Village Alan***.


Rafting, canoe/ kayak safari.

A whole-day experience you will never forget on the two most beautiful Croatian rivers, Zrmanja and Kupa.

We organise RAFTING before and after the peak season, and for those who are more adventurous we offer beginner’s CANOE and KAYAK lessons during the entire season.

We leave for Obrovac after breakfast by bus (the trip takes approximately 1 hour), have a lunch package, and return to Starigrad before dinner.
The program includes: a raft, canoe or kayak, a skipper, equipment and organisation of the trip

Jeep Photo Safari

We organise day trips on the Velebit Mountain with Land Rover Defenders on non-asphalted roads that offer unforgettable views. We go on a drive on a road that was built in the 19th century during Austrian-Hungarian Rule.

There is an opportunity to swim in the Zrmanja River.

We leave from the hotel after breakfast, have a lunch package, and return before dinner.
The program includes: a drive in Land Rovers and drivers.

Following in the footsteps of Winnetou

Due to its extraordinary beauty, Paklenica, the Canyon of Zrmanja and Tulove grede (Tulo’s Beams) were the filming locations of Karl May’s ‘Winnetou’ movies. Fans of the films still have memories of these bygone days, scenes and characters. The actors stayed at Bluesun Holiday Village Alan***.

The whole day trip includes a visit to the canyon of Velika Paklenica and the filming locations with special appearances from the extras from the movie. We leave after breakfast from the hotel, have a lunch package, and return before dinner.

The program includes: tickets to the National Park, a guide, extras from the movie.

Another whole-day visit to Zrmanja’s canyon (Rio Peco in the film) inludes a visit to the plateau (by boat), where Pueblo Apache stood, a drive to Tulo’s Beams with a jeep and Mali Alan pass, lunch (lunch package).

Whole-day boat trip from Starigrad

We go underneath the Maslenica Bridge to the typical Dalmatian town of Novigrad (we stop here for 1 hour, visit the fortress), take a boat ride to the Zrmanja River mouth and the bridge in Obrovac. We have lunch and a drink on the boat, and return before dinner.

The program includes: a boat ride, lunch and a drink on the boat, a tour guide.

Whole-day trip to Bukovica-Ervenik

This is a typical Dalmatian rocky region, to the source of the beautiful Krupa River and the Kudin most bridge from the 18th century (by bus), for which we have a lunch package and a tour guide.

“Region with over 3,000 years of culture” Program

The first day after arriving on this tour, we learn about the historical and cultural heritage of the Starigrad Riviera: Starigrad – the former ancient city of Argyruntum, a site where famous glass item from the Roman period were found, St Peter’s Church from the 10th century which includes a cemetery, remnants of the Većka Tower from the Otoman Empire period, ‘mirila’ - unique Velebit tombstone monuments etc. (the tour is done by bus and on foot).

Sightseeing of Zadar – centre of the region and the oldest Croatian royal city of Nin

We leave for Zadar after breakfast (this takes approximately 45 min), and take a tour of the Zadar Peninsula (seeing the walls, squares, waterfront, St Donatus Cathedral, Roman forum, market, Sea Organ etc.).

We have lunch in Zadar on the peninsula. We leave for Nin and see the sights of the town (Church of St Cross, archaeological collection, Grgur Ninski monument, salt pans, etc.).

We return to Starigrad.
The program includes: sightseeing of Zadar and Nin with a tour guide, lunch in Zadar.

Trip to Pag- the island of cheese, salt and lace

We set off after breakfast across the Maslenica and Pag Bridges. We stop at Pag Bridge to take pictures of the landscape which some say resembles the surface of the Moon.

We visit the city of Pag, look around the city which was planned by Juraj Dalmatinac (cathedral, convent, gallery of lace and costumes, cheese dairy, old and new salt pans, short visit to the belvedere with an unforgettable view of the city, the beaches and the Velebit Mountain). We have some Pag cheese for lunch as well as wine tasting in one of the restaurants, and return by bus in the late afternoon.

The program includes: lunch in Pag and a tour guide

Trip to Biograd, historical coronation city,

the centre of Ravni Kotari, Benkovac and Asseria. We drive to Biograd (today a well-known tourist destination) after breakfast, with a possible visit to the Heritage Museum.

We recommend a short break for a drink on the riva (waterfront promenade) with a wonderful view of the Channel of Pašman and countless islands. We drive to Benkovac and have lunch (we recommend lamb in Šopot).

After lunch, we proceed to Podgrađe (a few kilometres away) where we visit the archaeological site of the Roman town of Asseria. Archaeological work has not yet been completed, but even the visible parts reveal the ancient and rich civilisation of this region.

Other activities: diving, free climbing

Culinary Experience Program


We organise a trip by bus to the little village on the slopes of Velebit Mountain where you can buy authentic sage and heather honey, and you can also try the original goat cheese which has a specific taste, as well as the lamb.

Maraska –Zadar

A visit to the factory where the world-famous Maraskino liqueur is produced from Maraska sour cherries which thrive in this region. Apart from Maraskino, you can also taste other liquers produced in this factory, see how the women knit protective covers for the bottles and buy liquers at fantastic discount prices.

Maraskino is an authentic and awarded Croatian souvenir and brand.

Posedarje prosciutto

We organise a trip to the Posjedare prosciutto plant where famous Dalmatian prosciutto and šokol, a Croatian product similar to prosciutto, are produced.

They owe their familiar taste to traditional methods of production and drying on the famous Posedarje bora wind. The visit includes tasting prosciutto and šokol with homemade bread (half-day trip).

Visit to the Župan Ethno-House in Kruševo (4 km from Obrovac)

We leave for Obrovac after breakfast, stopping at the Zrmanja Canyon to enjoy the view of the river. We drive to Župan farm (a family house turned into a museum, providing a rustic ambiance on a hill slope where you can leave all your daily stress and worries behind). Lunch includes regionial specialities baked in the traditional way under an iron bell (known as a ‘peka’).

We continue our trip towards Starigrad. This is a half-day trip, and can be done in either the morning or afternoon.
The program includes: lunch or dinner at the ethno-house, including a drink, a tour guide


This trip provides the experience of going fishing by boat with a local fisherman.

The sea around Starigrad is extremely clean, and fishing has been a tradition here for a long time. Everything you catch will be prepared in the typical Dalmatian style and eaten in the evening in the tavern with wine, accompanied by the sounds of Dalmatian klapa singers. Enjoy your meal!

NOTE: All trips can be booked individually, as half-day and whole-day trips!

For information about prices, availability and reservations, please contact, or call +385 23 209 050.