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Summer 2020 at Bluesun: how did we prepare for your arrival?

Thanks to the good epidemiological situation in Croatia, but also further adherence to the highest health and safety standards, Bluesun Hotels & Resorts are ready for the summer of 2020. Taking into account the health of our guests, employees and business partners, and in cooperation with experts, we have prepared measures for the operation of our hotels in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are answers to some of the questions that might interest you.

Will you measure the guests temperature? Will we have to wear gloves and masks?
Updated on 27.8.2020

We will preventively measure the temperature of our guests upon their first arrival at the hotel.
Wearing gloves will not be mandatory, but we will leave it to each guest to choose.
Wearing masks is from 27.8.2020 obligatorily in Bluesun hotels on Brač, in Brela, Tučepi and Omiš, in accordance with the decision of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia.

For your safety and in order to comply with legal measures, the decision of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia, which enters into force on the 27.8.2020, introduces the necessary epidemiological measures for the Split-Dalmatia County for 14 days.

One of these measures is the mandatory wearing of face masks or medical masks in the indoor common areas of the hotel, except when consuming food and drinks. Therefore, we kindly ask you to wear a mask as prescribed in accordance with this decision. All those who do not have masks can pick them up at the hotel reception. We also inform you that the hotel's fitness center is temporarily closed. Your health and the health of our employees is most important to us. Thank you for your understanding.

How are we going to swim in the pool?

When it comes to pools, you will be able to enjoy them as you are used to. But with a reduced number of people in and around the pool area. We will be guided by the rule of 15 people / 100 m2, with a physical distance of 1.5 m. Disinfectants will be placed next to each pool. We will allow you to take a shower and go through the "pre-pool" where possible.

Will we be able to relax on the sun loungers by the pool and rent a beach towel?

Of course. At the pools, the deck chairs will be placed at a minimum distance of 1.5 m and will be disinfected several times a day.
Clean towels for rent will be issued by our pool staff. Used towels will be stored after which they will be transported to the laundry.

How will you serve our meals?

We will continue to provide guests with a large selection of food. All food from the buffet will be served by chefs. The tables will be arranged at a distance of 1.5 m and disinfected after each use. Clean and disinfected cutlery will only be served when the guest sits down at the desired location. Our employees will wear gloves and masks.

What are the other hygiene measures in hotel restaurants and bars?

We will regularly disinfect all furniture and equipment, price lists, POS machines…

Will we be able to enjoy all the wellness and spa services?

You will be able to enjoy our wellness but with few limitations:

- temperature measurement for guests who go for treatments,
- all therapists will wear protective gloves when performing the treatment (except massage),
- disinfection of the entire wellness every 2 hours,
- spa zone reservation - a certain number of people who can be inside will be determined in advance,
- only dry saunas will be available.

Will you disinfect the rooms?

Along with the regular cleaning, the rooms will be disinfected regularly and thoroughly.

What are the hygiene measures in other public areas of the hotel?

We will clean and disinfect floors, doors, handles, elevator buttons, switches, furniture and toilets several times a day.

What if you suspect COVID-19 in a guest or employee?

We have prepared a protocol according to which we will act in such a case. Epidemiologists on duty are available to every hotel for such a case.

Can we find out more details somewhere?

We have prepared a guide with basic and detailed instructions to all Bluesun Hotels & Resorts employees, in each destination and each hotel. All of them will undergo training in appropriate environments. All adopted measures will be updated to include new information important for risk mitigation. Read it HERE.

Your health and safety are most important to us!

For any additional questions please contact us at or at +38513844288.