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Summer on the Makarska riviera: 3 things you need to know

Are you planning to spend your summer on the Makarska riviera? Great choice. Here are three reasons why you’ll enjoy it.
The beaches are amazing

Beaches are one of the things by which we rate the success of our summer holidays. If we don’t like them, we likely won’t be all too satisfied with our holiday. Luckily, the Makarska riviera can be proud of its excellent beaches, and some say they’re the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic.

If we had to pick out the best among them, let’s say that they’re in a place called  Brela, and they are pebbled beaches with a total length of six kilometres, and each is more beautiful than the other.

The most famous among them is  Punta rata, a beach which has been listed among the most beautiful in the world several times by European and international media. There’s also
 Podrače, a picturesque, romantic beach in a little bay.

Punta rata - one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic

Tučepi beach  is the longest on the entire riviera
– čfour kilometres of uninterrupted, arranged beaches with content that will satisfy all those who choose to spend their holiday here.

The view of and from Biokovo is magnificent

The Makarska riviera is inseparable from its protectress - Biokovo. The very riviera is around three kilometres wide, which is how far Biokovo is from the sea.

First, the view on Biokovo stands out, which can be seen from all places along the Makarska riviera. Can you imagine anything more magical than lying on the beach with a view of this magnificent mountain?

Tučepi beach is the longest on the Makarska riviera, and it offers an impressive view of Biokovo mountain

In addition to that, the view from the mountain of the riviera is also amazing. Biokovo is a nature park and it’s arranged for tourists who can enjoy some mountaineering and walking. Several arranged viewpoints offer a truly stunning view.

The food is amazing

On the Makarska riviera, like in the rest of Dalmatia, they eat Mediterranean food, one of the most healthy types of food in the world.

They eat many types of fresh fish and seafood, vegetables, lamb, extra virgin olive oil, and all that along with a tasty glass of homemade wine.
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The Makarska riviera is known for two autochthonous sweets - rafioli and Makarana cake. The Makarana cake is easily recognised for its characteristic interwoven strips as decorations, and you’ll recognise the taste of almonds under your tongue (which go very well), the taste of citrus, and a little alcohol.

There’s even been a day dedicated to this cake, during which they award the one who makes it best..

Rafioli are desserts made from thin and shortcrust dough, filled with an aromatic almond mixture.

The Makarska riviera awaits you. Come and enjoy yourself on an unforgettable holiday.
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