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Summer in Supetar - what to do and what to taste?

Supetar is the biggest place on the island of Brač and is real bait for tourists who are lovers of the sun, the sea, cultural-historical heritage and active tourism. What do you need to know about summer in Supetar?
The food is excellent and homemade

Supetar locals, like all people from Brač, are proud of their gastronomy. They recommend their guests to definitely try the lamb, which is prepared in numerous ways - under the bell, boiled, ‘’on the spike’’...

There’s also the autochthonous Brač dish vitalac and hrapoćuša cake. In Supetar you’ll be able to try the famed Brač sheep’s cheese, extra virgin homemade olive oil, tasty red wine, Brač almond cake…

Lamb from Brač is one of the dishes you should definitely taste

Even Supetar hotels are praised for their organically raised food. As such Hotel Amor has its own organically raised watermelons and vegetables in its offer, it makes its own jam, it bakes its own bread, it bakes cakes and produces olive oil. We recommend that you head to Grill Garden restaurant, located three kilometres from Supetar. It’s a unique experience.

Brač is known for its excellent food and wines, which you’ll be able to taste best in Grill Garden

Warning: when you come back from Supetar, don’t get on the scales for a while.

A bike will be your favourite method of transport

Brač is the Croatian island with the most bike paths, covering more than 1000 kilometres in total. From Supetar you can include seven of them - Sv Lovro, Sv Roko, Sv Petar, Sv Jelena, Sv Josip, Sv Jere and Sv Juraj.
Reserve Bluesun Hotel Amor:

Some of them, such as Sv Roko with its 15 kilometres, are undemanding and are excellent for recreation for the whole family. Other paths are for real Marathoners. Sv Juraj is, for example, 160 kilometres long and the longest of all on Brač. This path is very demanding and, if you take it, you can say that you’ve seen the whole island.

How do I get there?

You can get to Supetar in two ways – ferry or by plane. You can land on the island of Brač by plane, close to Bol. In 2019, planes from nine destinations in six European states can land there - France, Slovenia, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Supetar is the biggest place on the island of Brač and is a real bait for tourists

You can also land at Split Airport, and in that case you’ll travel from Split to Supetar by ferry. You can also get a ferry from Makarska to Brač, to a place called Sumartin.

What are you waiting for? Now you know all you need to know - reserve your accommodation in one of the excellent Supetar hotels and enjoy summer 2020.

For all information and accommodation reservations call +385 1 3844 288 or send an email to This country has a lot to offer. Come and see for yourself!