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Summer in Tučepi: 3 things you must know

Are you planning your summer holiday in Tučepi, in the heart of the Makarska riviera? We like the way you think. If you’ve still not decided, here’s why we think that you should come to Tučepi.
The weather will be excellent

Tučepi is located on the Makarska riviera, an area which is one of the sunniest in Croatia, with around 2700 hours of sunshine per year.

The summers are hot and dry; rain sometimes doesn’t fall for months, and if it does, it’s typically a very short burst. The temperatures during summer are high - in June they can typically reach 30 degrees celsius, and in July and August, they’re even higher.

Along the Tucepi beach is a pine forest in the shade of which you can look for a break from bathing in the emerald sea

Luckily, you can always find refreshment in the sea, which is warm enough for it not to be too cold to swim in, and cold enough to cool off.

The nature is magnificent

Above the Makarska riviera, like its protectress, towers Biokovo mountain. This is the second largest mountain range in the country after Velebit.

The juncture of the mountains and the sea is the most magical near the somewhat hidden Nugal beach

The magnificent juncture of the sea and the mountains is truly a unique atmosphere. From the majority of places on Tučepi beach, there’s a spectacular view of Biokovo on offer.

In addition to that, Biokovo is also a very popular excursion site. This is an arranged nature park, in which every lover of nature will find something for themselves.
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Rich flora, unique fauna, the traces of humans from the prehistoric era, mountain paths, viewpoints from which a view of the entire riviera is offered… All of these are the advantages with which Biokovo attracts nature lovers.

The longest beach of the Makarska riviera

The longest beach on the entire riviera, simply called Tučepi Beach is located in Tučepi. This four kilometre-long pebbled beach is full of content in which families as well as retired people will enjoy.

Stretch out on Tučepi beach and enjoy life

There are trampolines, water toboggans and other types of entertainment for kids, sun loungers for those older, and the more active might want to ride on the popular ‘banana’ or give parasailing a try.

Restaurant Kaštelet is in the vicinity, in which you can eat excellent autochthonous food. If you fancy a burger after a swim, treat yourself in Clemente’s Pub.

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