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Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa****

Thalasso Wellness Centre in Bol

The Wellness Centre covers a surface of 4,000 m2 with saunas, a water world and a relaxation zone. The Wellness program includes a rich selection of classical and exotic treatments based on the benefits of seawater.

Guests have pools and whirlpools with seawater at their disposal, as well as treatments based on ingredients from the sea. By using natural ingredients available from its immediate surroundings, Thalasso wellness of the Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa**** brings you into the magical world of thalassotherapy, which has become a trademark of this wellness & spa destination.

The Thalasso wellness program in Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa**** uses fresh seawater, sea algae, sea mud and sand. Seawater is particularly rich in minerals and living organisms (plankton) and therefore can neither be artificially produced nor preserved, and remains fresh for a maximum of 24 hours.

Sea water heated to body temperature is used in the baths, enabling an optimum absorption of minerals and elements, and producing a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. Sea aerosol has a positive effect on the respiratory system, and the inhalation of sea air helps in fighting stress and tension.

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