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Ultra Last Minute

“Re-invent yourself” with Thai Massage


Embrace the ultimate relaxation and mental indifference….
Are you stressed out and looking for a relaxing moment on your holiday? Now is the time to let loose!

The traditional Thai-massage, more than any other massage, will heal you both physically and mentally. The main difference between Thai massage and regular massages is its unique focus on circulation and pressure points of the body – used to release all blockages and stimulate your flow of life energy based on ancient Indian yoga philosophy.

Hidden in the beautiful outdoor area of the Elaphusa Thalasso Wellness, you may enjoy in an exclusive Thai-massage with the authentic magical masseur hands of Amonrat Huansunthia (also known as Ploy), from Thailand. Ploy was trained at one of Thailand’s best schools for Thai massages, Thai Traditional Medical Service Society (Jatujak Branch). She will introduce you to the benefits of Thai massage, help you relax and feel comfortable on this special bed area made especially for the Thai-massage experience.

Main benefits of the traditional Thai-massage:

-relieves pain and muscle tension
-strengthens the immune system & nervous system
-improves blood and lymphatic circulation
-increases flexibility through passive yoga poses
-increases ability to absorb food
-enhances elimination of body toxins

Main differences between a traditional Thai-massage and other western massages:

-Releases energy blocks and rejuvenates the healthy energy flow
-No oils are used during the massage
-The person being massaged is fully clothed (Elaphusa provides you with a special outfit)
-Pressure, stretching and compression of the muscles are applied in smooth, rythmic and rocking movements
-Masseur uses her hands, feet, elbows and knees to massage
-Masseur must take a special course and develop empathy for other people’s bodies

If you are hiding anxiety or inner stress, the Thai massage will release energy blockages or tense muscles areas which can sometimes lead to discomfort. However, this is a good sign and shows that everything held in the body has been released. With several massage sessions, this discomfort can be healed.

The main point of the Thai massage is to release all tension and pain that we hold in our bodies in order to let our life energy flow freely and to retain our health. Thai massage is thus mainly a healing massage. It is especially known to heal back pains, headaches, migraines, arthritis, paralysis, numbness and similar health issues.

People with high blood pressure, serious heart problems, cancer or osteoporosis should not try the Thai massage. If you are unaware of your health condition, please consult a doctor before trying a Thai massage.

If you’re ready to let go of all the bad stuff in your system, come to Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa for your unique Thai-massage in Bol!

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