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Sea temperatures in Croatia: when is it best to swim?

When is it the nicest time to go swimming in Croatia? When is the sea the warmest? How long does the swimming season actually last? Find out in the continuation of this text.
June - the month when the sea heats up

The highest sea temperatures in Croatia are during the summer month of August. However, you can swim between June and September in Croatia. The swimming season typically opens during the warmer days in May, if the air temperatures reach the summer level.

In June, though, warms up at a slower rate so for many tourists it’s still too cold at 17-18 degrees. But the local population typically have no problems with that. They also have a desire to show their bravery to everyone by going into somewhat colder water..

In June, the sea temperatures climb above 20 degrees and become nice for swimming. In July, they climb a couple more degrees higher on average.
August - the sea is like a nice bath

The sea is the warmest during August. The average sea temperature in August is mainly around 24 degrees, but during the day it can climb to 27-28 degrees.

The longest beach of the Makarska riviera, Tučepi, stretches in front of hotel Alga

In September the sea temperature gradually begin on a downhill path, but given the fact that they cool down at a slower rate, they’re still above 20 degrees. Only in October do they drop below 20 degrees on average and arrive to the levels seen in May.

That’s when the swimming season ends on the Croatian coast. To conclude - if you’re coming to Croatia this summer in June, July, August or September, you won’t go wrong.
If you want to swim in the warm Croatian sea this summer, let us know your desired date of arrival and the number of people by calling +385 1 3844 288send us an email to or contact us via an online form below. We’ll get back to you with your special offer as soon as possible.