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Top 3 Croatian beaches you must visit once in a lifetime

Since you can't go to the beach right now, we've decided to bring the beach to your home.
Whether you're looking for a calm stretch of pebble beach in Dalmatia or a family-friendly resort in the middle of an island, there are enough options out there to suit every type of traveler. Just lean back and enjoy the video.

And just remember, time flies, soon you will travel again. Until then, stay positive and inspired. Your place of good energy will be waiting for you.

We’re always bragging about Croatian natural wonders and you really can’t blame us, but how do you pick the best beach in Croatia? Clear water, stunning surrounding, sparkling Adriatic azure, over 1000 islands stretching across 6000 kilometers of Croatian coastline. Yes, it is tough to pick the no. 1 beach, but here’s a list of the top 3 beaches, to make your decision for the future much easier.

1. Zlatni rat beach

In Bol on the island of Brač, there’s a beach which has been the symbol of Croatian tourism for years. It’s unique in the world for its shape, Zlatni rat has become an unmissable destination for every tourist staying on the third largest Croatian island. Its beauty is best seen from above, and enjoying yourself on the beach with small white pebbles, with rich shade in the background, is an experience which you mustn’t miss.

↪ Where to stay in Bol?
Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa
Bluesun Resort Bonaca
Bluesun Hotel Borak

2. Punta rata beach

Punta rata beach is situated in Brela, one of the favourite Adriatic summer destination at the foot of Biokovo, on the Makarska riviera. It could easily become your future holiday destination. But be warned, you could fall in love. Punta Rata beach was declared the most beautiful beach in Europe by Forbes back in 2004, and the popular European Best Destinations portal declared it to be one of the most beautiful European beaches 11 years later.

↪ Where to stay in Brela?
Bluesun Hotel Soline
Bluesun Hotel Berulia
☼ Bluesun Hotel Maestral
☼ Bluesun Hotel Marina

3. Tučepi beach

Tučepi is located in Makarska, which is one of the sunniest places in Croatia. Your ideal refreshment can always be found in the crystal-clear sea. The Tučepi beach is the longest beach of the Makarska riviera. It’s perfect for a family holiday, kids and retirees because of its abundance of entertainment and sports content.

↪ Where to stay in Tučepi?
Bluesun Hotel Alga
Bluesun Resort Afrodita
Bluesun All-Inclusive Neptun

We hope we could give you a little distraction from the current situation. Let's stay positive and inspired. Soon, the world will flip to normal again, and soon you will be hugged and sun-kissed by one of mentioned beaches.