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Traditional Thai Massage Experience on Brač island


Meet Amonrat Huansunthia, a specialized Thai-masseur from Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, also known as "Ploy", our friendly new colleague at Hotel Elaphusa.
Thai massage history in a nutshell

The Thai massage is not like just any other massage. It originates from ancient India and has been practiced for over 2,500 years. Its founder was doctor Shivaka Kumar Baccha from India, who was at the time Buddah's personal medical advisor. Once this technique reached Thailand, people just passed it on from teacher to student.

It became known that Thai massage could heal headaches, backaches, stomachaches and nervous tension, as well as more complex problems such as fevers or speech disorders.

Thai massage is based on ancient Indian yoga philosophy. According to this philosophy, our bodies receive prana, or life energy, from 72,000 energy lines that interconnect through our bodies. Thai massage focuses on 10 lines, also known as the sip sen lines.

These lines are made up of our mental, physical and emotional processes. When it comes to an energy imbalance, then our bodies receive pain and disease. Thai massage is used to release energy blockages, stimulate the flow of life energy and restore your health.

Ploy - our "master" in Thai massage

Amonrat Huansunthia, also known as “Ploy”, specializes in traditional Thai-massage at the Thalasso Wellness Center in Bol on the island of Brač. She arrived to Bol one month ago, after working in Zagreb for a year and a half. Ploy was trained at one of the top Thai-massage schools in Thailand, Thai Traditional Medical Service Society (Jatujak Branch), making her one of the most experienced Thai masseurs at Elaphusa. 

“Thai-massage is not easy to learn. Everyone who wishes to specialize in Thai massage must learn and practice, practice, practice. You must have knowledge and experience in Thai massage.”

She talked about her training and experience in Thailand and admitted that too many people in Thailand have become interested in massaging and the pay is very low, which is why she decided to turn on her adventure mode and look for better opportunities outside of her country. Her first “outside experience” was in China, later in Slovakia and now in Bol, Croatia. “I like working at Bluesun Hotels & Resorts, everyone is so nice to me and friendly!”

“Bol is beautiful, I recommend everyone to come and see the beautiful sea, beach, and enjoy a thai-massage with me! I like the people in Croatia, everyone is very friendly and the country is so amazing”, Ploy said.

Ploy's recommendations

Ploy recommends the Thai massage because it helps increase the quality of our health. Any extra toxins, stress and unbalanced energy is released with the focus on pressure points of the body. She recommends this massage for anyone who is stressed out from work or any other situation in life and needs to get rid of pain. This can be both a physical and mental experience, by relieving stress and relaxing muscles & fatigue at the same time. The short term benefits of the Thai massage are mainly relaxing muscles, while long term goals of a few sessions can improve muscle flexibility, reduce muscle pain and let go of inner problems usually caused by stress.

Looking for a new experience? If you would like to experience an authentic traditional Thai massage in Bol please contact us at +385 1 3844288 or for more information visit...


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