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Visit the Museum of Brač


A visit to the Museum of Brac

We've spent a weekend on the island of Brač back in August. Since we didn't have much time on the island and still wanted to get a full taste of it, we booked an Island Tour with the Bluesun hotel Elaphusa where we were staying. And we were so delighted with our decision.

The Island Tour is great because in a relatively short time (this is a 4-hour tour) it gives you a good overview of the island, its places, history, culture and people.

Nikica, our guide, was very friendly, funny, and really knowledgeable. He got us all excited about Illyrian tribes that inhabited these areas long ago (but that is a whole other story!).

Our favorite part was a visit to the inland village of Škrip, the oldest settlement on the island. Skrip is a small place but full of historical and cultural sites with two interesting museums to visit: the Olive Oil Museum and the Museum of Brač.

Museum of Brač

I've visited many world famous museums in my life, but I've never been a museum kind of guy. When travelling to a new place, I like to explore the architecture, street life, taste local food and meet new people. Museums? Not really my cup of tea.

So, you can imagine that I was a bit skeptical when I found out that my tour included a visit to the museum. Hm, let's see how that would go, I thought for myself. But guess what, four months later I am still impressed with the Museum of Brač.

The Museum of Brač is well worth a visit. It is set in a beautifully restored Radojkovića Kula built in 16th century. This tower was built over the former Roman mausoleum. Another interesting site found outside of the museum, in the courtyard, includes walls built by Illyrians.

Although small in size, the Museum of Brač features some interesting historical artefacts, roman tombstones, altars and reliefs, as well as some nautical equipment, and items from every day’s life like old chests, wool processing machine, fishing and stone masonry tools, various household items like mih, a bag made of goat and sheep skin and used for transport of various liquid products like wine, olive oil, water and even butter.

What makes this museum like no other is Andrea, museum's curator and our guide. Andrea made our visit special, and super interesting. She is clearly passionate about the island, and she's got tons of stories to tell as she takes visitors from one museum's item to another. I even caught myself staring at a piece of stone with amazement and great interest (OK, it was a tombstone from Roman times, but it was still a stone). Thanks Andrea for making this visit so memorable!

Museum of Brač: practical info

• Museum is located in Škrip, a small, inland village on the island of Brač.

• You can visit the museum on your own. You'll need a car; or you can use local buses. Local buses are infrequent. However you can consult a timetable here.

• You can also visit the museum as a part of private or group tour organized by Bluesun Hotels. We highly recommend it if you are staying on Brač for short time; or if you aren't familiar with driving on windy local roads.

• Make sure that Andrea, a curator, gives you a guided tour of the museum. Otherwise you'll miss a lot, and you might find yourself quickly out of the museum wandering what the fuss is all about.

• When in Škrip, make sure you also visit the Olive Oil Museum. It's just around the corner.

Contact | a: Škrip, Brač | t: +385 21 637 092 | m: +385 91 6370 920

Working hours | daily 8 am-8 pm

Admission | adults: 15 Kn | Children (up to 14 years of age): 5 Kn


Frank G. is a four-time expatriate Canadian currently living in Croatia. Together with his girlfriend, he blogs about Croatia at Frank About Croatia.


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