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Last Minute August

Weekend on Brač Island, Day 1: Arrival and Walking Tour of Bol


Frank G., a four-time expatriate Canadian currently blogs about his adventures in Croatia, where he is currently living. Brač island is where this particular expedition took place. After spending a weekend in Brač, Frank got to visit all the "island hot spots" like Blaca Hermitage, Vidova Gora, the village of Skrip and last but not least, Zlatni Rat Beach.
We just came from the Brac Island, where we spent a weekend, and wanted to share with you what you can see and do in a short stay on the island of Brac. If you actually plan your stay carefully, you can truly experience Brac in a weekend (although it’s a lovely island, and we could easily spend a whole week there).
We were coming from the south and thus boarded a ferry in Makarska. It crosses over to Sumartin, a small seaside town on the southeast side of the island. We did a quick tour of the village (Sumartin is small, and you can basically explore it in half an hour). From Sumartin we took a main road (all directions at first) and headed to Bol, on the south side of the island.


After we checked in our hotel, we were craving some food, but we felt just too lazy to start looking for the restaurant where we could eat. Besides, it was only 4 pm, a bit late for lunch, and too early for dinner. Instead, we just ordered a room service, and enjoyed a chicken sandwich at our balcony overlooking the sea, the island of Hvar, and the famed Zlatni Rat beach. With our bellies full, it wast time to hit the town. The town of Bol was a pleasant 15 minute walk from the hotel. Our guide, Zeljana, waited for us in a lobby and took us to the town. Zeljana is a native of Bol, and with each word we could sense the love she’s got for her town, and her island. This made our time in Bol so much better. But if you don’t have a personal guide, don’t worry. Just follow the same itinerary as described here, and you should be fine.

The Dominican Monastery

The first stop was the Dominican Monastery, located on the east end of Bol. Yes, I know what you’re thinking – not the most exciting spot to start exploring a new destination. And if we’ll be totally honest, that was exactly what we were thinking. However, we were again totally in the field with our assumptions (I’ll need to stop assuming anything!). The visit to the monastery was awesome! I really believe that we don’t necessary remember places we visit, as much as we remember people we meet at those places. People make a place special, and close to your heart. Father Ivan guided us through the church, the monastery, and their gardens. He invited us for a glass of homemade prosek (a sweet dessert wine) in the shadow of palm and pine trees, overlooking the sea. He spoke softly, and laughed a lot. We’ve spent a short time with this man, but we’ll always remember him. Before heading back to Bol, we’ve shortly checked two beaches on each side of the monastery. Our tour of Bol continued with a visit to the Stina winery.

Stina Winery

Stina winery is located at the quayside (not too many wineries that I know have such a great location!). Stina wines are relatively new name on Croatian wine scene. So far you can taste their white wine Pošip, rosé wine made from Plavac mali grapes, red wine Plavac mali, and prosek. However, Jako Vina, an owner of Stina wines, planted new vineyards, including international sorts like Chardonnay, and Merlot. Anyways, after a visit to wine cellar, and a tasting room, we enjoyed a wine tasting at their seafront terrace. We tasted three wines (white, rosé, and red) and nibbled on prosciutto, cheese, and salted sardines. After people watching while sipping some of the island goodness, it was time for dinner. We chose the restaurant Mali Raj, as some locals we met on our way back to the hotel suggested to us to go there (good sign was that they were heading there too!). After a dinner, we walked back to our hotel, and called it a night.


Frank G. is a four-time expatriate Canadian currently living in Croatia. Together with his girlfriend, he blogs about Croatia at Frank About Croatia.


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