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The best times of the year to visit Brela

When should you visit Brela, an attractive place on the Makarska riviera? We’re going to reveal which time of year you’ll feel the best here.
Spring - sunny and pleasant

The Makarska riviera is one of the sunniest Croatian regions. On this sixty kilometre riviera, the sun ‘reveals itself’ for around 2700 hours per year, which is great news for tourists.

Spring on the riviera, just as in the whole of Dalmatia, is mainly sunny and warm. In April and May, lovers of active tourism are likely to enjoy Brela the most.

Take a bike ride down the slopes of Biokovo and admire the magnificent views

The temperatures them are usually between 15 and 25 degrees, which is perfect for biking, mountaineering or running the trails around the slopes of Biokovo, without worrying whether or not that day will be too hot for stronger physical activities.

Summer - ideal for sunbathing and swimming

Real summer temperatures arrive in June and thermometers usually climb to 30 degrees, which is still acceptable for active tourists, particularly if they come at the beginning of the month.

Sunbathing and swimming in summer is the best activity

The closer July gets, the sun becomes more and more agreeable for those who enjoy a relaxing holiday, sunbathing and swimming, and it’s wisest to engage in activities early in the morning.
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If your intention is to get a good tan, lounge around on the beach or near the hotel swimming pool, or, simply - to enjoy a summer holiday with no stress, these months are for you. The sea is warm, and the shade of the pine trees becomes an asylum.

Autumn - beautiful nature and lots of sun

September, the month in which autumn begins, and it’s still warm and generally sunny. We can compare temperatures at this time of year with those in June, and a big plus is the fact that the nature slowly turns into autumn ‘mode’, and becomes even more pretty.

Active tourists are at home again at this time of year - and as we gradually enter the post-season, you can save when looking for accommodation too. Generally speaking, autumn in Brela and Dalmatia is mainly warm and still fairly sunny.

Active tourists feel at home in spring and autumn, when temperatures fall and the prices of hotel accommodation fall

With the arrival of October, temperatures gradually fall again, to a level which is ideal for active tourists. November is comparable with April - the temperatures are still nice for being outdoors, and the sunny days aren’t a rarity then either.

Depending on your preferences, you’ll choose which is the right time for you to come to Brela. Whenever that may be, it’s wisest to reserve your accommodation today.

Contact us without obligation and let us know your desired date of arrival and the number of people by calling +385 1 3844 288 or send us an email to We’ll get back to you with a personalised special offer as soon as possible.