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Zlatni Rat Beach

Weekend on Brač Island, Day 2: Beach Hopping & Great Food


Frank G. travels to Pucisca and the local stone masonry school, the village of Škrip and the Native Museum of Brač, the Museum of Olive Oil, Vidova Gora (the highest mountain peak on the Island of Brač) and Fisherman's house, "the restaurant with the best location in Bol". Stay tuned for part 3 of the weekend on Brač island.

Weekend on Brač Island, Day 1: Arrival and Walking Tour of Bol


Frank G., a four-time expatriate Canadian currently blogs about his adventures in Croatia, where he is currently living. Brač island is where this particular expedition took place. After spending a weekend in Brač, Frank got to visit all the "island hot spots" like Blaca Hermitage, Vidova Gora, the village of Skrip and last but not least, Zlatni Rat Beach.