Heritage Hotel Kaštelet once again shines brightly! We celebrated the opening of a renovated baroque summer house that has been gracing the coast of Tučepi since the 18th century.

Socializing in the enchanting atrium

On Friday, 15 July, our guests enjoyed the unique atmosphere of Kaštelet's impressive atrium. Among others: actress Nataša Janjić Medančić, musician Domenica Žuvela, presenter Korana Gvozdić, stand-up comedian Ivan Šarić, and former Miss Croatia, Fani Čapalija. The atmosphere was raised to the upmost level by the musician Marko Tolja, with a selection of songs by the unforgettable Frank Sinatra. The guests were treated to top delicacies through a five-course dinner.


Rich tradition continues

Heritage Hotel Kaštelet is the former summer residence of don Klement Grubišić, philosopher and writer, built in 1766. In his Kaštelet, built of hewn stone, don Grubišić hosted numerous local and foreign dignitaries of the time. The building was adapted in 1967 by the architect Olga Pavlinović, and in 2005 Kaštelet was renovated and became part of the Bluesun Hotel.

Finally, in 2021, it was time to give it a new glow. This task was entrusted to Studio Franić Šekoranja, with the architectural support of the company Stabilnost. The rooms, public spaces, outdoor terraces and the atrium have been completely renovated. The renovation of Kaštelet lasted six months and was completed in May 2022.


The main guiding principle was to maintain the spirit of Kaštelet and, according to the owner's request, the interior and exterior design project was commenced with a particularly great respect for the historical heritage. "Kaštelet awakens a feeling of peace and tranquility; it is a place where beauty and history meet. This is a symbolic Bluesun destination where families, couples, excursionists and travel lovers can create great memories", said Mubarak Al-Khalifa, President of the Management Board of Sunce hoteli d.d.

It is interesting to note that Kaštelet's atrium has been remodelled so that the tradition of Dalmatian klapa concerts can be continued in it, thus preserving an important part of Dalmatia's intangible heritage. And as Marko Tolja proved, the space is also perfect for concerts of Croatian and international music stars.

More than €45 million for renovations

In addition to Kaštelet, the Elaphusa and Borak Hotels and Holiday Village Bonaca in Bol on Brač and Soline and Maestral Hotels in Brela entered the 2022 season in a new guise. In total, almost 800 rooms were renovated in less than six months. All the work was done by local companies who did an exceptional job, despite the significant global challenges.


"As a hotel group with more than 60 hotels, we proudly contribute to the historical beauty of the Croatian coast. We complement each other wonderfully, which allows us to contribute to years of refinement and luxury. We love what we do and strive to surprise our guests with comfort and luxury. We thank the competent authorities and our guests for their trust. Many thanks to our excellent team as well; they succeeded", said Mohamed Ali Rashed Alabbar, President of the Supervisory Board of Sunce hoteli d.d.

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