In accordance with the provisions of Article 6 of the Ordinance on the organization of prize contests, company SUNCE HOTELI d.d., Radnička cesta 43, Zagreb, PIN 06916431329 (hereinafter: the Organizer) determines the following:

Rules of the prize contest

Win a vacation on the Adriatic

1. General provisions

The purpose of the prize game is to encourage existing and future Bluesun Hotel guests to register in the Bluesun Rewards loyalty program, use the direct accommodation reservation service, as well as promote the Bluesun Hotels & Resorts brand. The prize contest lasts during the 2023 tourist season, that is, from 1 June 2023 until 2 October 2023.

2. Conditions for the participation in the prize contest

Persons who cumulatively meet the following conditions can participate in the prize contest:

  • they are older than 21 years old
  • they are registered in the Bluesun Rewards loyalty program
  • the person has given consent to participate in the prize contest and has provided an e-mail address and phone number to receive notifications about winning the prize contest

By agreeing to participate in the prize contest, each participant confirms that they are familiar with these rules and conditions of participation in the prize contest. Loyalty member participant can take part in the prize game with only one application. Employees of the Organizer or persons connected in any way with the Organizer's business operations, as well as their immediate family members, may not participate in the prize contest.

3. Prize

The prize is a 6-night vacation for two people with breakfast and dinner included in a Superior double room, in the Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa in Bol on the island of Brač, from 1 August to 7 August 2024, depending on availability. The exact date will be determined upon notification of the winner of the prize contest, with the winner being obliged to notify the Organizer of the desired travel date by 1 April 2024 at the latest, otherwise it will be considered that the winner has refused the prize. The value of the prize contest is € 2,500. The price of the parking space is included. It is not possible to exchange the prize, receive the monetary equivalent value of the prize won, or transfer it to a third party. The participant of the prize contest has to right to win only one prize.

4. Selection, announcement and notification of winners

The drawing of the winner will be held at the headquarters of the Organizer in Zagreb, Radnička cesta 43, on 3 October 2023 via a computer application using the random selection method. Each participant has an equal chance of winning and the choice of the winner does not depend on the Organizer’s will.

After selecting the winner, the authorized person of the Organizer will examine whether the drawn winner meets the conditions of these rules. If the drawn winner does not meet all the conditions of these rules, the Organizer will repeat the draw until they draw the winner who meets the conditions. If the drawn winner meets all the conditions of these rules, the Organizer will notify them of the won prize via their e-mail address within 24 hours of the draw.

The winner shall confirm the receipt of the prize within thirty days of receiving notification of the won prize in writing, in response to an e-mail notifying them of the prize. If the winner of the prize does not confirm the receipt of the prize within 30 days, the Organizer is obliged to re-notify them of the prize and set a subsequent deadline of eight days for the receipt of the prize. If the winner does not confirm receipt of the prize within the subsequent deadline, they will lose the right to the prize, and the Organizer is obliged to inform the Ministry of Finance.

After notifying the winner, the Organizer may announce on social media and/or otherwise that the prize contest is over, that the winner has been drawn and invite all participants to check their email. The name of the winner will not be announced by the Organizer without their explicit consent.

6. Data security

The Organizer is not responsible for incomplete and incorrect data provided by the participant, nor if the winner is unable to claim the prize due to an incorrect email address and/or due to an error for which the email service provider is responsible. The Organizer and the persons participating in implementing the prize contest are not liable for possible damage that could result from the prize.

The prize contest can be terminated only in the event of circumstances for which the Organizer is not responsible, or which they could not prevent, eliminate or avoid. Participants will be notified of the termination of the prize contest on the website In this case, the Organizer is not liable to the participants for possible damage.

The Organizer’s decision on all issues related to the prize contest or the application of these rules is final and binding on all participants.

7. Final provisions

The rules of the prize contest, stating the class, registration number and date of issuing of the decision of the Ministry of Finance, will be published on the website

All complaints and claims made by the participants of the prize contest are resolved by the Organizer. In case the complaints are substantiated, the Organizer undertakes to resolve them as soon as possible and inform the participant of the contest. In the event of a dispute, the competent court in Zagreb shall have jurisdiction.

Decision of the Ministry of Finance

Class: UP/I-460-02/23-01/231

Reg. number: 513-07-21-01-23-2

Date: 24.5.2023

The winner of the game is Marijana Jerković. Congratulations!

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