Experience the enchanting beauty of the Adriatic. Enjoy new landscapes, slow down to experience life on the islands.


In the town of Hvar, enjoy the waterfront, the main square and the view from the Fortica fortress. The next stop is Duga Bay, where you can swim and relax. Enjoy the drive to Starigrad – experience the Mediterranean charm of stone houses, streets and the Tvrdalj Hektorović castle. Explore the gastronomic offer of the city and eat like the island locals. Finally, take a break on the island of Zečevo with an aperitif and a swim.


The first stop is Smokovlje, an uninhabited village where you will see the Romantic Cave and the Lovers Cave. You will have a short break in Sumartin, and the next stop is the Rašotica Bay where you can go swimming. In Pučišća or Luka Bay, you can explore the local gastronomic tradition. And finally, you will go visit a military tunnel.

The excursion includes

  • speedboat ride
  • skipper
  • safety equipment
  • travel insurance


For all questions or excursion booking, please contact [email protected].

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