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Starigrad-Paklenica amazes with its unique combination of Adriatic serentiy and the wilderness of Velebit Mountain, the most beautiful part of which, Paklenica National Park, is located precisely here.

Its climatic and unique geographical position makes it the ideal location for a holiday for all those with an athletic or adventurous spirit.

Paklenica National Park, one of nature’s miracles, is characterised by sharp cliffs of the monumental canyons and is the home of ancient beech tree forests, mysterious caves and endemic plant and wildlife species. The Park, declared a bio-energy reserve by UNESCO in 1987, is a challenge to every nature lover - day tripper, hiker, alpinist and adventurer. Another feature that makes it special is its closeness to sights such as the Plitvice Lakes National Park, River Krka Waterfalls and Kornati Archipelago.

Paklenica National Park is located on the famous, 150 km long Velebit Mountain Range that stretches from Senj in the north east of Croatia to the Zrmanja River in the south near Zadar.

Velebit and its national park are the home to many endemic plant and animal species, as well as fascinating caves and clearings. Amongst the most important endemic species is Degenia velebitica, the Velebit Degenia, and Alan butterfly.