The world has become a global village and places which tourists haven’t discovered yet are rare. One such place is Blaca Hermitage on the island of Brač.

Under the slopes of Vidova gora, on the southern part of Brač, many priests sought protection from the breach of the Turks during the 15th and 16th centuries. In the Ljubitovica cave, on the steep, rocky slope, two glagolites from nearby Poljica found shelter in 1551.

That’s how the settlement in which, as the years passed, a monastery and a church and various other prominent and less prominent buildings were constructed, was founded. Blaca has grown into a true historic gem which merges into its environment like a chameleon and should be seen by everyone who visits Brač.

Blaca Hermitage is a candidate for UNESCO’s World Heritage Tentative List. In addition to some very interesting buildings, an observatory, a rich collection of old weapons, a library, and a collection of antique clocks can also be found there.

How do I get there?

There are organised visits to Blaca Hermitage. Excursions are typically arranged by boat to the bay at the foot, from where you then go on to reach your destination on foot. The hike lasts about 45 minutes, and as soon as you arrive to Blaca Hermitage, you’ll forget about your weariness because the view is truly fantastic.

When you’re finished with sightseeing, you can cool off with some swimming in the bay. You can arrive to Blaca Hermitage by car from the northern side, but it’s recommended that you leave your car and walk through the abandoned village of Dragovoda to your destination as the road is uneven.

Visitors are advised to bring enough water with them and wear appropriate clothing for the walk. It’s worth remembering that the museum isn’t open on Mondays.

If you head out with the right attitude and all the information, Blaca Hermitage will welcome you with open arms and tell you a fascinating story. You’ll be glad to have visited it before everyone discovers it.

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